An update on Brie & GIVEAWAY

11:49 PM

Good evening everyone :) Brie ( Bridget) is back home and doing well. They removed the tumor which was the size of a golf ball and one lymph node, they will not know the test results until early this upcoming week. She has 37 stitches but only half of her hair shaved. She can be up and about fir 45 minutes to an hour then she is down for several hours.  She has lost some hearing in her left ear and right now comprehension is slow but they expect a full recovery on that part. I visited with her tonight for a little bit and she seems to be in good spirits.

A few pics ( she may kill me for sharing them)


From everything I know of Brie, she is always doing what she can for others, and now she is going through a hard time and I want us, as her readers, to give back. It can be something as simple as a card with up lifting words, a handmade gift, a small gift card or anything to make life easier for her and her family. Even if we could all send her a dollar in the mail or paypal, we could make it easier so her family could get pizza one night. I know that none of us have much to share, but I know Brie would do the same for any of you that was in this position.

I will understand if you don't want to or can't, but what an awesome and affordable way to give back. I would love it if we could get other bloggers involved and maybe ask their readers to send  a card to uplift her and if they can afford it, a simple $1 bill in the card to help them out.

I am personally even going to make this more interesting ( I hate that I feel I have to bribe others  but Brie deserves our support)

I would like everyone to write something nice on the comments for Brie and I will print them out and have someone do a scrapbook type thing for her with all the comments.

For everyone who comments between now and next Saturday, I will write your names on a piece of paper and have my 3 year old draw 5 winners, those winners will get a $10 gift card of choice directly from me ( can be e-gift card or I will mail you one, you choice.

Everyone that sends a card or gift will get 2 entries ( you must message me on the page or comment here that you did)  I will post her info at the end of this post.

If you are a blogger  and get your readers in on this, I will give you a $10 gift card of your choice as well for every 20 people you get involved in sending a card or gift.

Now, I have had about 40 messages on the page asking what she and her family need. I'm not asking for this stuff but I am answering your questions

First, I will say if you ask her she will say they are fine, but as a friend I know first hand what they need.

Easy Fix or Premade meals
someone to help and come in and wash a load of laundry or two sometimes or help do some light cleaning or just company for  few minutes.

Stuff to pamper herself with would be nice also

I am sure she would love some stationary or paper, pens, envelopes or stamps to write her son in basic.

Or even if several of us simply sent a dollar, that would help her so much. She starts her chemo on the 23rd so she still has a long road ahead of her

If you share this on your Facebook, let me know and you get an extra entry. If anyone you share this with sends a card or anything, let me know and you will get 2 extra entries,.

Giveaway starts now and runs until next Monday at 10 am

Bridget Williams
2214 Houstonia Dr
Knoxville, TN 37918

Paypal or Amazon email:

much love and happy contesting,

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