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As many of you know, most of my summer has been spent at Dr. Offices and Hospitals. I really tried to make sure to give my kids a few good times this summer that did not include my illness. At the beginning of the Summer, we had such big plans and they all ended up getting squashed but this one, having a great time at Wilderness of the Smokies, made the summer wonderful for them.

We got to spend 2 nights and 3 days at the most awesome indoor/outdoor Waterpark & Resort you have ever seen.

It was all such a great experience at Wilderness of the Smokies that  I am not sure where to start my review, so I will just start at the beginning. Check -in was a breeze. You can check in at 1 pm on the day of your arrival and start using the Waterpark even though you don"t check in to your room until 4 pm.  The Customer Service at the desk was simply the best, her name was Shyann and she really took care of us and got us check in and explained everything so well. She gave us our room keys, towel cards as well as a map of the resort and a coupon for a free coupon book which we redeemed right at the next desk that had some amazing coupons which we used many of during our stay.

Once we were all checked in I told my kids they could go ahead and start enjoying the Water while I unloaded and got set up in the room, and even though they were super excited, being the great kids they are, they all helped me to unload the car and put things away in the room. I can't say it enough, I have amazing kids.

Now, the rooms were simply "WOW". we were given a Junior Deluxe Suite which was actually 2 adjoining rooms, one room consisted of 2 full size beds and a twin bed as well as a pull out love seat with a twin bed, A microwave, mini-fridge , 2 TV's and a bathroom....if that isn't great just as it is, the 2nd room consisted of a full Kitchen with all utensils and cookware, a full size living room with a Pull Down captains Full size bed and a full size pull out couch for additional sleeping as well as a full size bathroom , a large TV with DVD player and a working fireplace. It was my favorite by far.

The rooms are climate controlled for energy efficiency which you use your room key cards to control as you come and go. I love that idea and how easy it was to use the system. Our rooms were stocked with plenty of towels, washcloths, hand towels, and a few special goodies such as shampoo, lotion and coffee. The table had seating for 6 but the 2nd room also had a small 2 person table for seating as well.

*Please Note: All rooms are Non-Smoking and Pets Unfortunately are Not Allowed.

Here is the view from our private Balcony, which I found amazing.

The room service menu was amazing and the prices were great . They also have 2 full service restaurants on the resort property as well as several snack bars, and a fast food type place or two. We tried several of the snack bars and one of the restaurants and everything was great, the prices were very reasonable and the staff was super nice and attentive. Kids 11 and Under eat FREE in the Thirsty Miner and The Hidden Trail restaurant. You can find a list of all the great places to eat and snack HERE


Now, the best part. The resort property has 3 waterparks for you to enjoy which is included with the price of your room. I wanted the full experience and also wanted to give you all the full rundown so we took advantage of all three parks during our stay. The Indoor wild water dome is kept at 85 degrees year around and has skylights for you to enjoy and even tan if you wish. They have several rides inside the Wild Water Dome including Different Slides and a Surfing Experience. They also have a wave pool, indoor/outdoor swimming pool with activities for the kids, a kiddie area with slides, water shooters and so much more, a baby area for the tiny ones in your life and also an indoor/outdoor hot tub. The wild water Dome has plenty of chairs, tables and Lounges for us older folks to enjoy while our kid's have the time of their life.

They also had several new and awesome outdoor slides including the Vortex. I really wanted to be able to ride the slides but as I was only a few days away from my surgery, I had a lot of swelling on my head/brain and was told to protect my head at all cost so I was not able to enjoy them this time, but watching my kids enjoy them over and over again was such a joy to me. I did get to enjoy the Lazy River ( alot) , the Hot tub  and even the wave pool a few times.

A quick Funny story about the Wave Pool real quick. Jessica had ask me to watch her glasses since I was sitting in a chair at the edge of the wave pool with Asher while Meagan played to the side ( Meagan loves the wave Pool most of all but being Disabled is a bit scared to go too far out so I made sure she had plenty of play time there) So here I am, sitting there laughing watching Asher enjoy the water and Meagan loving it as well, and I laid Jessica's glasses under my chair, not thinking about the fact that once the waves started they come all the way up to the chairs and beyond. So here come the waves and Meagan, Asher and I were having a good ole time.....until Meagan said , Mommy where are Jessica's glasses. So as Jessica comes back up I immediately tell her to take Asher because her glasses washed away...not funny at the time, but everyone else was out searching the Wave Pool for her glasses when a nice lady said she turned them in to the lifeguard. So we got her glasses back and I learned to pay attention lol.


Now, you may be thinking this is a long review, and I considered splitting it up in to 2 parts, but I have so much to say I decided to just keep going. I have to say I had the most fun at salamander Springs, the Outdoor water Park on the hill at Stone Hill Lodge. They had this kiddie slide which allowed up to 200 pounds which meant I finally got to enjoy a slide even if the lifeguards and my family thought it was funny. They also had a huge pool with basketball goals where the kids, Chris 7 I , even Meagan had a blast playing around in, Salamander springs also had many of the things the other outdoor park had such as the kiddie area and hot tub , which we all enjoyed as well.

Now, if all the fun at the waterparks is just not enough, they have an amazing place called Adventure Forrest where you and your children can enjoy indoor black light putt-putt, a laser maze, bowling lanes, a climbing wall and tons of video games where you can win tickets and prizes. Chris and the boys all enjoyed a few games of Laser tag after the water parks closed but Meagan and I spent a lot of time playing the games where I tried so hard to win this huge over sized Tootsie Pop, which I was never able to win, but we did come away with 16 stuffed animals, a huge ball and Meagan turned her tickets in and got a hat, as well as suckers and a few things for all the other kids. She was trying to get enough tickets to get this huge Twizzler that she wanted to give to Dustin when we see him at Family weekend next month in Fort Benning. ( Dustin loves Twizzlers more than any other candy ever and ask that when we come we bring lots of Twizzlers for him) So if anyone knows where we can get those huge gigantic over sized Twizzlers, please let me know, he would get a huge smile out of that.

The last day of our stay, we decided to rent a Cabana, you actually have to check out of your room by 11 am but can stay all day to enjoy the Waterparks. The Cabana is the only thing I really was not impressed with, however, that is not to say, you should not give it a try yourself, just my personal experience was not the best. The Cost of the Cabana was 4125 a day plus tax for a total of $137.50. You can reserve a Cabana online when you reserve your stay for 10 % off which I would recommend if you plan to reserve one. The Cabana's all have water misters, your own lounge chairs, tables, fluffy towels and plenty of seating inside and outside. You also have a personal server who will bring you drinks/food you can order from the menu they have inside the Cabana's. Now, I am always honest in my reviews, so I will not make an exception this time, but by all means do not let this one issue prevent you from taking a trip to Wilderness of the Smokies because overall I give it an A+. The Cabana attendant was less than courteous to us, and I even over heard her saying that we probably would not tip at all ( The funny thing is, I am a great tipper always especially when the service is great and  we actually gave a 35 % tip the night before to our waitress in the restaurant) The Cabana was ours until 8 pm when the outdoor park closed but the attendant came around only 3 times in a 7 hour time frame to see if we needed anything, so we ended up ordering food from another place on the property because she was simply rude to us. We were told right up front no refunds on the Cabanas but that if it rained, we could be given Wilderness Bucks to use anywhere else in the Resort. At 2 pm it started raining, and we had decided that we would simply call it a day outside and go inside but the attendants refused to give us wilderness bucks and told us that even though it was raining, it had to be thundering and lightening  for them to consider giving us a wilderness Bucks refund, which we were not told. So for the 2 hours it rained, we wee inside at the Indoor park eating and just sitting in chairs waiting for the rain to stop. I feel like it was a wasted  $137.50 because we left as soon as we finished inside the indoor park because honestly, we were disappointed in our Cabana service. 

  • Private sitting area
  • Personal cabana host
  • Deluxe seating
  • Oversized pool towels
  • Overhead water spray misters
  • TV
We did however, during our stay try some of the delicious fudge which is made fresh daily and it was amazing. we visited every gift shop on the property and came away with several great souvenirs. Alek spent around $50 and made some great purchased to take home to his Girlfriend, Cassie used her Birthday money and got all kinds of things such as a T-shirt, Cute little wilderness bear , a necklace to share with her BFF and Meagan found several cute things she bought as well and of course I could not resist getting a onesie and a few other things for Asher.

They also have tons of specials and packages which you can book online right now on the Wilderness of the Smokies Website and include special amenities such as Birthday packages, Cabana Packages, and so much more. They even have a wonderful Golf Package and Golfing Villa's you can rent to keep the Men in your life happy as well.

Overall, I have to give Wilderness of the Smokies a very High rating. Other than the Cabana staff, everyone went above and beyond to be friendly and courteous, and the housekeeping staff were simply amazing. The kids and I all had a wonderful time and we had a few days that were not filled with Dr. appointments and my illness, which was our ultimate goal.

Stay tuned because in a few days I will be posting all about Home School Days at the Wilderness with rates that will blow you away.

I truly enjoyed our stay and plan to go back again, maybe even in the winter so the kids can feel like getting a taste of Summer at the Indoor park which is open year around.

You can also visit them and "like" them on Facebook to find all the latest and greatest events and specials as well

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