Winners! I bet you have all been waiting for this!

9:00 AM

Those of you who entered the Dial 65k Giveaway, don't forget you can still keep entering for a chance to win a daily prize or 65K until August 19th ( I have seen a few winners come form our page so keep entering)  HERE

As for the 5 Winners of the Free coupons they are posted on the Rafflecopter for that Giveaway located HERE. If your name is listed please email me at: by Wednesday so I can mail out your Free coupon asap. 
( I will also be sending emails out but it may be tomorrow before I send them and if so I will allow an extra day for you to contact me back)

Therafit Sandals Giveaway winner....I wish we would have had more time to run this giveaway but they gave me a certain timeframe to run the giveaway, however, soon we will be giving away a pair of Therafit Sneakers so stay tuned for that as well.

The Winner is: Kathy S. ( For some reason I could not get it to display on RaffleCopter) emial begins with kathyj1@.....Kathy you have 48 hours to email me and I have sent you an email as well, if not I will choose a new winner on Tuesday evening as they have given me a specific timeframe to turn in teh winners name and address. August 9th will begin the giveaway for the sneakers.

The next winners were chosen by Kasey and here is what she wrote: 

The Giveaway which was for Brie was low entries only 10 to be exact and the. winners were Becky, Missy and Shawna. Becky has ask that the prize go to Brie and her family and that is much appreciated as I know they need it right now. Shawna and Missy please let us know what Gift Card you choose.

The next winner was for the $50 Amazon and that winner was Jeannie W., I emailed her this morning and she got back to me right away, congrats Jeannie !

Now, as a special thing, I , Brie, have to admit something here. Some of you have not gotten prizes that you won because I got sidetracked and worried and my brain was scattered trying to comprehend everything that was going on. I am now going back through the blog to try to get those prizes out . Becky, the prize I tried to send to you 2 x was returned once and I now know why, I made a huge mistake in the address. Tomorrow you have a large package going out, and I truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart that it took me so long. My mom helped me to figure it out last week and the girls and I got it together, I have the $ to ship it tomorrow. 

Sarah Sinkus was the only person who offered to help guest post on the blog and she has been such a loyal fan and reader, i am excited and can't wait for her help. Sarah, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and just send me your post anytime.

I have a few things to get through today and I will be having a Newmans own Organics Giveaway coming up as well as an Enjoying Tea giveaway, and a Surprise Giveaway coming up as well.

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