A Letter from Brie

7:50 AM

My awesome readers,

This past month has been a huge roller Coaster ride for me and my family. Although to some , having Brain surgery  may not seem like such a life changing event, but to me and my family, it has forever changed us. I don't think I have the words to express how much your words of encouragement, your cards, your gifts have meant to me. The Dr.'s all told me it would take at least 12 weeks for recovery to feel halfway normal again, but I have to say I got right back up after a few days and at least started trying to get things in our home back to normal.

Our Summer plans were all cut short and we did not get to do the 8 mini trips in 10 weeks that I had planned on blogging about, and instead we spent the better part of the 10 weeks in the office of many Dr.'s. I feel like my kiddo's got cheated out of a good Summer and it breaks my heart but they take it in stride.

My Mom took time off from work and came to stay with us for 2 weeks to help out and help me in my recovery and it was 2 weeks that I will always cherish because my Mom and I had not been as close as we used to be and this brought us closer together or even closer than we ever were.

I have had friends and neighbors stop by and bring me cards and gifts or just to chat with me. My friend Kaci has spent many hours helping me clean and the other Kasey has been helping with some of the Facebook and Blog things.

Unfortunately, we will never know for certain if the tumor was malignant or not, because amazingly enough, the Hospital actually "lost" the Primary tumor and bone sample and it did not get biopsied so I have to endure many more test and let the Dr.'s decide if I should go ahead with chemo or not. This issue has been so very emotional for me, the not knowing, the uncertainty.

I have also had a few setbacks, mainly because I can't seem to sit still and rest so I have agreed to stay away from the blog and my fan page for the next week ( Maybe haha) and let Kasey handle thing.

I have guest post from Sarah Sinkus that will be posted in the next day or so that you will all love. Kasey will be getting those posted over the weekend.

It's getting closer to time for me to get to visit Dustin for Family Weekend in Fort Benning, GA and I want to be as well as I possibly can be because Dustin has no idea about my surgery and how I have been. We have only had 1 call in the past 4 weeks but several letters. I also appreciate any of you who chose to adopt a Soldier in training and send them mail. if you type in Soldier in my search bar you will still find the addresses and names. These boys still have almost 8 weeks left at Benning and would love to get mail to encourage them so I would love to keep this project going.

I truly hope you will all stick around and support Kasey in her postings and Facebook post, I will do my very best to be back to the blog by Monday Aug 12th with some more great things to post. Kasey will be posting my reviews and promoting the giveaways we have as well, so please give me a helping hand if you see something that she may have missed as she is new to this.

Once again, I thank you all for being such a wonderful support system and I will see you in a week.

Love & Hugs,


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