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11:45 AM

I really am amazed at the info below. I knew that as consumers we do a lot of shopping and comparison shopping, but who would have guessed just how much we use technology to do our shopping now days.


$289 Billion in online shopping.... My first thoughts on that? A Simple "WOW".  I have found that I do agree that most of the very best deals can be found online. I do at least 80 % of my shopping online, unless I need it right away or it's groceries I will shop online and have it shipped or simply shop online and pick up in store. 

Many of us have such busy lives now that it's just the simplest and easiest thing we can all do, and we find those amazing deals that we can't pass up, even if we don't need it.

A really good comparison to how we were years ago versus now can be found HERE . I was quiet surprised at the difference, but i guess I shouldn't be knowing how much of my shopping I tend to do online now.

it is hard to believe that in February of this year we as consumers spent 5 billion minutes shopping on tablets...I personally do not own a tablet but all of my kids too and they better not be shopping haha.

Desktop users spent on average of $274  each...I did my research and found that this was a monthly average...and wow, add that up over a year and we are spending a lot of money shopping online.

Do you think that retail stores are on their way out? I have to wonder. I do like good retail therapy in stores on occasion but it is hard to find time to just go out and spend hours shopping. 


Now, I personally do use my Mobile Phone to comparison shop before I buy anything in a store. You never know when you can find a better deal locally or online. I have walked out of many stores because I found a much better deal at another store close by or a coupon at another store to use. I have also found places that I am in that have the best deals and also coupons to use immediately, so always make sure to comparison shop if you can, you never know how much money you can save. 

I found a really helpful article that talks about Comparison Shopping from your Mobile device that you should read because it really hits all the high points, low points and gives great tips and advice and you can find it HERE

I find it much easier to actually take the time to do my research ahead of time as well as use my phone or tablet while in stores as well.  Why waste time and money? 

I can admit to my online shopping addiction simply because with my illness and also the ease of  it just makes more sense to me to do online shopping. I do not foresee Big ox stores going out of business but research shows that many of them are doing things to lure you back to the actual retail store now instead of online.

This is actually a pretty interesting fact finding mission for me and I plan to look in to it some more. I would love to hear your thoughts and how much your shopping habits have changed since online shopping came around.

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