My not so great experience at Walgreen's Pharmacy : A lost Customer for sure

9:07 AM

So to start with, I have been shopping at this very same Walgreen's for almost 9 years. Trust me when I say they get a good chunk of my money each week.

Well, no more, because even though my issue was a Pharmacy issue, they have lost my business as a whole.

Most of you are aware of my Health issues and that just 8 short weeks ago, I had a large Brain tumor removed as well as 3 inches of skull and Brain mass. Well yesterday I had decided that I wanted to switch all my medicine to Walgreen's from another Pharmacy because I am in Walgreen's pretty much daily and it would make things easier and they seem to be quicker than the other Pharmacy and I thought even nicer. One of my prescriptions was for my pain medicine. In Tennessee my Dr. requires that I sign a contract stating which Pharmacy I will be using and I am only allowed 1 change per year. I have never changed, until I decided to yesterday.

So I leave the Dr.'s office, and go directly to drop off my Pain prescription and  the others all get faxed in but narcotics must be a written script) No problems when I dropped it off, they even looked my stuff up and said I could pick it up in an hour. So I leave Walgreen's to go pick up a friend's child from daycare and Cassidy from Bible Group that she attends Tuesdays after school. In the process of this drive, I got a call from a Walgreen's Pharmacy employee named Luke who without a doubt was very rude and condescending. He told me that I needed to come back and pick up my Prescription because 31 days ago I had the same one filled at another pharmacy and it was a 40 day prescription. i explained to him that it was actually a 30 day script and could he call my Doctor to verify and have her rectify the mistake, he hung up on me after once again saying just come get it back.

So, here I am upset, calling My Dr. who immediately offered to call and fix it, or write a new prescription because she had made a mistake, the employee, Luke, would not listen to what she had to say and when I called back again trying to explain to him the mix up he said we do not want your business, we are not accepting new patients for narcotics in the pharmacy, we do not service addicts, please just pick this up and we will no longer fill any of your medicines.

So needless to say, i called my Dr. back in tears, I was upset, I was embarrassed by his words, and made to feel like a drug addict. Keep in mind, I understand that many people abuse these drugs on a normal basis but when you have just had major surgery and your Dr. even tries to correct the mistake and you are still treated this way, it is not only hurtful but unprofessional, and this clearly is not a good way to do business. 

So today, I will walk in to this same Walgreen's with my head held high, pick up my Prescription and return it to my Dr. who will then have to void it out and rewrite a new prescription, which I will take to my local Kroger Pharmacy. I think having to wait a little longer in line is well worth it compared to being called an addict, treated rudely, and told my business was not welcome. So this Walgreen's has not only lost a customer rn the Pharmacy but the store in general and I will never shop another Walgreen's again.

I have written a letter with all the details ( some I left out here) to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy as well as Walgreen's corporate office and my Dr. has assured me that she will also be filing a complaint with the Pharmacy board today on this. Luckily, I still have enough to get through a day or two, but I have never been made to feel this low, this embarrassed and this crappy ever in my life, especially not by an employee of a pharmacy. I will definitely take the longer wait with better customer service than to ever deal with Walgreen's again. Luckily....I even recorded the call, not that it would hold up in court, nor would I take this to court, but at least I know and can prove what i say is true.

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