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9:23 AM

So these past 2 weeks I ave tried my hand at shopping Publix. I have had some good deals, but I think Kroger is still my go to store right now because i have it all figured out.

I do love Publix BOGO free deals especially when I have coupons, but my budget is very tight on Groceries and household items and we have a large family, so I have to be super careful with how I spend my money and how i build my stockpile. I finally cleaned out my pantry this week and found that I had more spaghetti and Pasta than we would eat in a year, so I donated quiet a bit of food this past week, from Pasta to Hamburger Helper, Soups, rice, condiments and all kinds of different things. I did find though that I am down to only 26 tubes of toothpaste so it's time to start restocking because with all these people in my house,l we go through on average 2 tubes a week at least ( my kids like having clean teeth lol)

I am really trying hard to stay as close to or under budget as I can because on the 25th we leave for Georgia once again, and this time is even more special because my son has ask that I pin his Blue Infantry Cord on him on the 26th , I know the tears will be abundant on that day and on the 27th he officially becomes a U.S. Infantry Man with his graduation ceremony, thankfully, I have a new Camera which I got for review and can finally take some amazing pictures.

Some of you read that my son was injured last week, I am proud to say that he still will be graduating with his Company provided he can make the 20 Mile march up the Stairway to Heaven on the 11th better known as Honor Hill. In honor of that March, Parents, friends and family light a Candle and keep it burning until they finish the March at 2 am on the 12th. I think it is quiet an honor just to know that they will start their March on patriot's day Sept 11th. So Please keep Dustin and his Company in your prayers and if you want to send a letter or note of encouragement that would also be very welcome and awesome. He does know about my Surgery now and what I have to face, although we did downplay it quiet a bit, I want hm to follow his dream without worrying about his Mom.

PFC Williams, Dustin
Roster #450
A Co. 2nd BN 54th Inf. Reg.
9240 Treadwell Dr Bldg 3405
Fort Benning, Ga 31905

As for me, I am taking things one day at a time. I try to keep a positive attitude and I really want to get the blog back to where it was before I got sick. It seems like i have lost many readers lately since there has been fewer reviews and contest but to let you know ahead of time, I have been offered many reviews but have decided to be a little more picky with who I choose to work with and make sure they are reputable companies who honor their giveaways and who have good product to offer my readers. So if you are seeing fewer reviews, it is because as I said, I am being very choosy. 

I have chosen Sarah Sinkus as the new Blog Assistant Admin. she has been doing a fantastic job on the Facebook fan page so I felt it was a given that she get that honor.. I still have opening for 2 more assistant admins who would like to review free products and do postings, You will be given 3 free products a month to review and the reviews must be posted on time, so if you are still interested please continue to fill out the application.

I am also accepting guest post for the blog. It must be original content. I will pay $5.00 Amazon for each post I publish of yours. You can write about anything you like as long as it is family friendly and must contain at least 300 words and I prefer pictures as well.

I am also gearing up to start my Holiday Gift Guide and hope to be able to find some great companies o work with on this.

One more thing is, I am looking for someone to redesign my blog a little bit, new header, new background and changing my tabs, so if you know anyone who can do it for a reasonable price, please send them my way.

Now, today I will be working on the blog some, but also busy getting prizes ready to mail out in the morning, so if you need me, don't hesitate to email me : briesbottomline@gmail.com or message me on facebook.

Happy Friday everyone :)


P.S. We will also be having a weekend contest starting later today and running through Monday that I am working on, it's time to get back in the ballgame here!

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