2013 Food City Food Show: Review & GIVEAWAY

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I attended the the 2013 Food City Food Show here in Knoxville over the weekend and could not wait to share with you all how much fun it was and what all I had the opportunity to test and try and bring home.

If you have never been to the Food City Food Show and are within driving distance I highly recommend making plans to attend next year's event. I attended several food Shows in my Teenage years and beyond with my Mom who worked in Food Service, but none of them can compare to the experience of the Food City Show.

The price of tickets were $8 if purchased ahead of time at any Food City or $10 at the Door, kids 12 and under were free. I can tell you that the cost of tickets is nothing compared to what you come away with.

They also hand out bags when you walk in so that you have something to hold all of your samples and loot in. However, I can tell you that some of the products you get to take home are actual full size products and not just sample size.  You can also have your picture taken with the Cookie Man, which my Teenagers enjoyed as you can tell.

Day One, Friday, I attended with my Daughter and Son, My niece and my Son's friend and we had an awesome time. It was a fun day spent with 4 teenagers if you can believe it and they really enjoyed the Food City Food Show. My son and his friend loved watching the Celebrity Chef's demonstrations because my Son loves to cook, he is 16 and likes trying all kinds of foods, so it was perfect for him and he came away with a soup  starter from the show  that he wants to use and cook for all of us one day this week. I am looking forward to his creation and because I did not watch that particular show, I have no idea exactly what he plans to make so it will be a surprise to us all.

They have vendors from many larger companies who bring in products for you to sample  as well as hand out coupons and sometimes products you can take home as well. You could see vendors such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Mills and many more which I will show you farther a long in my post. They have 8-10 isles set up filled with different vendors and foods for you to enjoy , and to be honest, you need more than one bag and I knew this so I made sure to bring some reusable totes along with us as well as containers for all the food they allow you to sample.  I saw people walking around with container on top of container filled with foods but my kids being teenagers, well we still came home with 3 containers of food but most of it they sampled as we went.

Food City also sets up several booths with their own employees where you can sample products made especially for Food City and fresh products made at Food City. I really enjoyed some of these products and was surprised that many of them tasted much better than some name brands. Food City also showcased a few of the products they have that were not food and I came away with hydrogen peroxide wipes , contact solution, mouthwash and a few other goodies made by food city. 

Another great aspect of the Food City Food Show was the Cake decorating event where employees from different Food City Stores  decorated cakes and competed against each other. My favorite cake by far was the Duck Dynasty Cake and the fondant Robertson men they created, which I really wanted to take home but as much as I tried I was told that a Food city manager already had dibs on them haha. I definitely have decided that Chris needs to up my Thanksgiving Budget this year so I can get a Duck Dynasty Cake from Food City like the one below. 

They had several celebrity chefs throughout the two day event that put on demonstrations for you and showed you new things to cook, I loved that they showcased many fall and winter dishes because I always seem to have trouble finding things to match the Winter Season other than the normal soups.

On day 2 I took along My two daughters, my younger son and Chris and  we all enjoyed it. I was a little disappointed that last year they did raffle tickets for the cakes they made on site and gave them away every few minutes but this year they were only given out to kids and Cassie being 10 was considered too old, so she was highly disappointed because that was one thing she remembered from last year was winning a cake. I did see a few greedy people who kept changing out and going back over and over with the same kid with a different adult and actually saw one family walk out with about 12 cakes, I guess they really wanted cake lol. I liked the raffle system much better though and hope they bring that method back next year.

As you walk the isles you get to sample fare such as Mayfield Ice Cream or TruMoo Chocolate Milk, Bluebell Ice Cream, Green Giant Veggies, Food City Snacks, Chicken, BBQ, Mt. Olive Pickles, Hostess treats , Tasty Cakes....everything from Pizza, popcorn,chips, sweets and breads to homemade Food City Cupcakes. 

Last year's event did seem to be a bit larger but this one was just as awesome and I can't wait for next year.

Make sure to start at the first isles when you attend though because those bags really get heavy toward the end , especially when you get to the produce isle where you get to bring home tons of fresh produce. This year we brought home tomatoes, romaine Lettuce Hearts, Potatoes, bananas, red Onions ( whole bags), Sweet Onions ( whole bags ) Apples, squash, zucchini and so much more. I was happy we had thought to bring our own reusable bags because we were overflowing.

Noe, I bet you are thinking, why in the world did I have so many people and have so much food to bring  home, so just to let you know, I made up 8 bags, 4 of which I shared with family and friends and 4 of which I gave away to 4 families I knew that could use a helping hand. Food City and the vendors also do the same and when the show is over, everything is donated to a local food bank that is left. 

Now, if you think the food is the best part of the show, I would disagree because to me all the coupons were the excitement I enjoyed. I came home with well over 500 coupons just myself, not including what the rest of my family has and I can't wait to sort them and start using them. i am not a regular Food City Shopper as most of you already know but I am hoping with my new knowledge of their products along with my coupons, I can do my weekly match ups and get some shopping done at Food City and who knows, I may become a regular shopper yet again.

Now, You all know I am always honest in my post, so it's time for the Con's of the show, which are very few.

First, I would highly recommend that Food City do away with the Plastic Food City bags they hand out, although they are nice, the handles are very uncomfortable, they break easily and reusable totes would be more comfortable as well as more green. The plastic bags were about the same size as a reusable tote and had pull handles to keep the bag closed, but personally I would much prefer to receive a real reusable Food City tote that I can bring with me to the store when I shop and I would say they cost is probably about the same.

Next, I would love to see Food City maybe train their employees in friendliness before the actual show. It's a little different than working in the actual store, and I found that most were harried and unfriendly to some being down right rude. I also noticed attendees who were rude and think Food City should find ways for the employees to handle them because at the same time, I feel as an attendee I should be friendly and thankful as well. Yes, you pay to get in, but that does not give you the right to be rude.  Some of the employees of Food City , had I encountered them in a store with how they treated me at the show, I probably would not be even considering shopping at Food City but I do realize there were several thousand people all in a little space and the workers were tired.

Next is, I think Food City would benefit from having frequent drawings throughout the days with maybe Gift Cards and/or Goody Baskets, not only would this be a fun thing to add ot the event but a gift card would ensure you draw shoppers in to your stores, anything from $10 and up would get me in the door for sure. 

Last, I think Food City would do a great thing if the invited a Blogger, such as myself, ahem lol, to teach coupon classes and how to save at Food City. this would draw in a large crowd and whomever they had to do the classes could request donations to cover their time or Food City could offer them something like a $200 Gift card to help with the event such as $100 per day and do about 4 classes per day which would draw in more attendees to the event as well.

Overall, I would say the 2013 Food City Food Show was a huge success, if the crowd was any indication because I think it was larger than last year or it seemed like it. 

I did enjoy this event and cannot wait for next year's event, so that alone tells you that it is fun and worth your time...and no real problems so..make plans for next year!

Now, the fun part!

Meagan and I have put together 5 Goody Bags just for my readers filled with products from seasonings, to snacks to coupons and so much more to give away. Entry is simple.

Several ways to enter but the main entry is to make a comment on this post about the Food City Show and what you would enjoy most about what I talked about.

Bonus entries:

Like Food City on Facebook for 1 entry, leave a comment on their wall tagging Savings For Sanity  in the post for 5 entries

Share this giveaway on any social media sites ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) for 2 entries per share. 

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Sverve, Google+  and receive 2 entries for every place you follow me on.

You must make a comment on this post telling me which entries you do so that I can properly get you entered the correct amount of times. 

The even better part? I will pick a winner each day from the days entries via random.org.....so you can comment and do a shout out every day and let me know what you follow me on each day to increase yoru chances. I will post pics of the goody bags tomorrow for you to see :)

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