All About SEO and How it can affect You and Your Blog with proper Marketing

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So, I get it....maybe.  CEO's want to spend less time on Social media, so how does this affect them and their company in the long run?  Social Media is now the leading form of advertising available, and by far probably the least expensive if done correctly. So how do they plan to do it correctly? I have been researching this and imagine what all I have come up with, it would surprise you I'm sure, as it did me, and I blog on a daily basis. 

So Let's talk about Social Media, SEO Optimization and How it affects you as a Blogger, CEO or a Company.

Social Media is the "IT" of Marketing, there is no If, Ands or Buts about it. CEO's may realize this but at the same time, they need to concentrate on operating their business. For me personally, my blog is my business, so Social Media is my biggest presence. However, say the CEO of Walmart for example, has a large enterprise to run, so he hires someone to oversee Marketing, that person may want to spend more time concentrating on Social Media instead of print campaigns because Social Media is really the biggest impact for any business, however, this is simply my opinion.

Now, on the the fact that 70-80% of users ignore paid ads, personally, I usually do ignore them. I much prefer getting my info from Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest and such. Paid ads tell me not what I need to hear but focus more on drawing you in, which can be a good thing, but at the same time, I want to hear from a first person perspective about something, or better yet say a real person behind the Ad. So If I see a paid ad, I am more likely to bypass that ad and never click on it,  but if 5 minutes later I see something where a real person tells me about that exact same product, I am more likely to read about it, comment on it, or even do further research to see if that is something I am interested in. 

I don't know about all of you, but I am starting to feel like all the paid ads, especially on Facebook and T.V. are highly over rated and I have simply been choosing to ignore them in favor of a first hand view. I much prefer to hear from my favorite Blogs about something than I do a no name person behind a camera or someone who simply writes and add and gets paid for it and never looks back  on it. That's where i think Social Media has become our largest form of advertising, mainly Blogs and Blogs with Facebook Pages, such as mine. I always give my readers a true and honest opinion, good or bad, because I feel like that is what they want to hear. I give my opinions, which readers can choose to follow, or maybe even ignore based on what they need or want from a product or service or a Company in general.

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SEO is a huge part of your Blog or Website. without proper SEO, you really don't have much to go on and get very little organic traffic. Although I strive with each post to optimize my SEO, it doesn't always work out the way I want or expect and my traffic can go up or down depending on exactly how I use SEO in my post. So, when you decide you want to blog, or if you are already blogging, I highly suggest you think about your content creation, what you can do to properly use SEO and do your research before wanting to just be yet another Blogger. 

Although I say Blogger, this can apply to anyone who plans to start a website or online business, you have to understand that Social Media is going to make or break your business, that proper SEO is going to play a major role in how much traffic you get on your blog and how possible sponsors will view you.

Google for example, usually only reads the first 75 words of any post, which means, to gain the SEO on that post, you want to utilize what you can in those first 75 words and make them what draws in your organic traffic. 

A Good example would be, for example you were writing about a specific toy:

(Insert Toy Name) is great for all ages, especially young children ages 8 and up....

In that one sentence you are going to want to highlight the Toy name, as well as what age group it is for..Google will recognize that toy and bring it up in the search engine which will bring organic traffic to your blog to read about how you feel about this particular toy.

The Main thing is, utilize all the social media you can without over doing it, research proper SEO and put your blog to work for you. Social Media and SEO can be a huge part of any Business or Websites success...especially blogs.

A good place to read about proper SEO optimization is a great article on ZoomZum and for more ideas on how to use Social Media as a Marketing tool you can find a lot of great information  on Word Stream

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