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10:49 AM

I just signed for this awesome new site called, where you can have all your questions answer4d in one place, or at least most of them anyway and the best part is that they have an amazing giveaway also going on right now for anyone who signs up. Sign up is FREE.

You can not only ask the questions you desire but you can comment on questions and vote as well to earn Anchr points, which is such a fantastic idea in my opinion!

What is Anchr? 
- is a community for asking and answering visual questions on topics you love
- the site's topics/content is focused on Home Decor, Men's and Women's Fashion, Beauty, Weddings, Food & Drink and more!
- (works great on mobile website too!)

Now, you may say, why I can't just ask a friend, well you can but why would you pass up on the opportunity to use and a chance to win a great prize too?

So what is the giveaway exactly?

"Anchr User Giveaway" details:
- Sign up for a new account AND have more than 25 anchr Points at the time of the drawing (Nov 20) and be entered to win 1 of the 5 potential $50 Amazon Gift Cards ($250 total)! Existing Users are already automatically entered to win as long as they have the 25 points. Winners will be selected using a random number generator program on Nov 20 at 5pm PST. Don't miss out, sign up now and stack up your anchr POINTS!
- And, even better, invite your friends to for MANY more chances to win! If a person you invite to join ultimately wins, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card (5 $50 Amazon gift cards available for a total of $250). To be eligible, make sure to invite your friends using the following link: (we recommend using email addresses but Facebook works too). Invite as many as you like!

Earn anchr points by voting, creating new content, commenting and more
  • + 1
    for voting with the winning option at the time you vote
  • + 1
    if you are one of the first 5 votes
  • + 5
    for creating a new Question
  • + 1
    for each Like your Question receives (max 100 points)
  • + 10
    if your Question receives greater than 100 votes
So head on over to Anchr


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