Asking for your votes

9:15 PM

I know you all must get tired of always seeing others ask for votes. Yet, here I am asking for votes.

Basically, I have been nominated for one in which I would love to win and It brought tears to my eyes when I read the nomination and I was honored.

I am also in 2 other contest, one a photo and one for a recipe. I would love to have our votes. I can't do a giveaway or make promises to give you something to vote for me, but I ask from the bottom of my heart. You all know I am tryng to win as much as I can so I can help with not only my own Christmas but to help sponsor other families for Christmas. I already have enough for one family but would love to be able to sponsor at least 5 as I did last year if not more.

So, if you have the time, I would love your votes. The first one is a one time vote only and the other 2 are daily votes. I am going to keep this pinned to the top for a few days in hopes that you guys actually read the blog haha.

 One time Vote for my Summer Time Photo( The Puppy in the pool)

Go HERE to vote

Sweetleaf Recipe Contest ( Daily Vote Plese)
Go HERE to vote for my Pork Roast: 

Woman Of Steel ( Thank You Kelly for the nomination and everyone for voting)

Daily Vote 

Go HERE to vote daily

If any of my readers are in contest and need votes, please feel free to message me on Facebook with the links and I will post them for you as well.

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