Cute, funny and Innovative Prepaid Visa Cards & GIVEAWAY

8:46 PM is a  Visa prepaid card service which has some really cool cards you can pick out to use on an  daily basis. These prepaid cards are unique from other cards because you can pick and choose from several different neat cards from Hell's Kitchen to Where's Waldo

Personally, I choose Popeye because I always tease Chris and call him my Popeye and I thought it was cute. works like several other Prepaid Cards you can get with a few additional features.

NO Credit Check Use everywhere Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted
NO check cashing fees NO overdraft fees or late fees Access to ATMs worldwide

I love the card itself and enjoy being able to show it off. Everyone who has seen  my Popeye card has made a comment and I have made sure to tell them where I got it. A prepaid card is great to help you control our spending and make sure you do not go over because what you have on it is all you  have, no overdrafts are allowed.

Personally, I keep a prepaid card mainly for things my kids need or want to buy online when they have their own money. For instance, The Boys like to use their monies they save for Xbox live points and add-ons for games on Xbox 360 and such. So, the give me the money and I put it on my prepaid card for them, this way I know they cannot overspend and I am not finding charges on my bank card that should not be there. 

Now, as with every prepaid card, you do have fee's. That is the only issue I have personally have with The monthly fee is $5.95, which is a bit higher than most of the other prepaid cards. However, that fee can be waived if you have direct deposits totaling $800 or more per month. My first original load of $25.00 which I was given to review the card turned in to $19.05 before I even had a chance to use the card, so the reloaded it again for me and the same thing happened. So keep in mind when loading our card that at some point in ever month you will be charged $5.95, but you can do the direct deposit, which I think is a pretty neat concept and avoid all fee's.

I do plan to continue to use my card, you can load your paypal funds on to it and that is a direct deposit, so I may keep this car to use simply for my blog transactions, plus I love Popeye and my card from has some really cute prepaid Visa cards and I think everyone could find one the will fall in love with. It's easy to sign up and only takes a few minutes and requires no up front money to get our card, so head on over to and pick out your card today and have it in just a few days!

Want to win the card of your choice with $10.00 loaded on the card?

Simply visit and come back here and tell me which deisgn you would choose, The winner will eb chosen on 10/31.

Extra entries...comment on an other post on the blog and come back here and let me know you did ( It must be a new comment made between now and 10/31)

Also, daily entry, come back by and say daily entry with the date

Random,org will choose the winner on 10/31 at 9 am

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