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 First of all, before i give you the low down, I want to mention that I have a tween girl and I see how hard it is for Tween girls everywhere and how much support they need on a daily basis. anything from bullying to self-esteem, so I support this project 100 %. I am not getting paid to post this, nor am I getting anything for free, this is just something I found that touched me deeply and I contributed as much as I could, as you can even if it's just $1.00, if you can't help maybe you can pass the work around and share this post to help them reach their goal.

We are incredibly excited to be on a mission to empower tween girls ages 6-12 all around the world through our multi-cultural Fortune Girls characters. We aim to raise $20,000 to produce an animated short featuring the Fortune Girls characters! We love these international girls, as they are super funny, quirky and very much like your average tween. . . or not!
Can you believe they were created by Madison Ruiz, now a teenager, when she was as young as 2 years old? Her mom never threw away any of her doodles. So, when Madison needed art in her room, her Mom pulled them all out, and the Fortune Girls were born!
The Fortune Girls characters are all besties and share a wide variety of diversity. We hope girls will see themselves reflected in each of our characters as they each have their own blend of unique and sometimes quirky personalities. It’s been our long-term dream to bring these girls to life through animation and we hope to surpass our goal to have the funds to create a series of shorts. The animation at the end of our video will give you a better feel of how AWESOME our shorts will look and just how funny these girls are once they come to life!!!!
Fortune Girls was created by Madison Ruiz with mom, Barbara Clarke-Ruiz and Co-Founded by Lisa Osinloye.

Hopefully, you’ve heard of Fortune Girls by visiting our website, attending one of our community services events or were a lucky duck and received one of our Teen Choice Awards canisters. If you haven’t, we hope you enjoyed meeting Flame, Wow Girl Pink, Taj, Savvy, Cinderita, Ayoko Love, Ashna, Margeaux and the Funky Fairies. Everyone has their favorite so which Fortune Girl is most like you? As mentioned, we have 28 Fortune Girls characters in all. However, we will first focus on the nine in the line-up above.

Take a look at their Facebook Page so you can keep up with how they are doing and how you can help them. I know if you have kids, especially young girls, you will want to spread the word.

Here is a video which I think you will agree is cute and worth the time to spread the word

So head on over and visit the Website and the Facebook page and see how you can help empower our tween girls!

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