Government Shut Down, Affordable care Act.....How do you feel?

8:48 AM

So today I hear that the end is near with the Government Shut Down and a compromise is close. I think we have heard that at least twice a day since this whole mess started. What's amazing is that, even with the Government shut down, our Country continues to strive and the economy continues to make a come back.

Now, keep in mind, as I write, these are simply my opinions, and opinions that you are allowed to disagree about. I just get so frustrated hearing about all of this and the ways People are getting screwed over while others are taking full advantage of the situation. This is simply a discussion, not meant to make anyone mad, but to gain insight and opinions because I truly would like to hear your thoughts on this whole mess.

Now, I'm not one for pointing fingers or casting blame, but I just find some of this really out in left field. Granted, Our Military continues to operate and protect our country, yet our Veterans get the shaft and our current Military is expected to control the crowd of angry veterans who are not getting their pay, you know that has to be hard for our Soldiers.

Then just last night I read about how so many people took advantage of the EBT Shut down and restart and that in Louisianan they made purchases which they knew they could not cover when their Food Stamps arise. Now, personally, in my book, I could say it was the government's fault, while at the sane time casting blame on the people who actually took advantage of the situation. I could say they are dishonest and greedy, and to be honest, I guess I feel that way. My feelings are that every person who gets Food Stamps should be required to drug test, but that may or may not ever happen Nationwide.So it looks like some folks in Louisianan cleared the shelves at Walmart from steaks and crab to everyday essentials ringing up bills as much as $1,000 when they normally receive only $200-$300 per month. So what will the State of Louisiana and the government do about that? I would think and hope they would deduct certain amounts each month until the debt is paid from each person. Walmart should be held accountable for 50 % of the debt as well for corporate office to tel them to keep letting people do it. I guess word spread fast for those people.

So, granted, the Government is still shut down, yet congress and Mr. President are still getting paid, yet in their defense, they are "attempting" to work. The Employees who were sent on furlough have been promised back pay, so why are they even on furlough to begin with? why not ask them to come to work if they want their money when it's all over. I would personally like a few weeks paid vacation myself as well, do you think I could talk the government in to giving it to me? I think if they are already promised back pay then they should be at work, doing what they did before or not getting back pay at all. Will they work overtime when they return to make up for the missed work , yet not get paid extra for the overtime because they are already being paid for not working?

So it looks like our Country can run without a paid government of so many people, so why not shut it down to the bare minimum, pay only the few we need to get what needs to be done, done and get everyone back to work...actually working for the pay they are earning while sitting at home.

The Affordable care Act? don't even get me started  there, because it is the people who can't afford it who will be hit the most. Why not let the government subsidize all insurance and health care like in Canada? I mean, Doctors would have pay cuts I'm sure, but we would have money to pay down our trillions of dollars in debt. You can call is Obama care, Affordable Care of Mandatory Care, it doesn't matter because in the end, the entire United States will be in trouble as a nation over this. I could see a few things being beneficial, but most is just not even in the same ballpark. My question is, do these insurance companies give our government a kickback on these high premiums? Someone will be making a ton of new money so where will it go? Maybe we should all get in the Insurance business because it looks like that's where we need to be if we want to make money.

So I could go on and on, but I woke up this morning and this was on my mind, what are your thoughts about the whole Government shut down , the Military, The Obama care and such? I would love to hear how you feel. ember, we are not here to judge what you say, I would just like ot hear real opinions from real readers.

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