Halloween ideas for schools that don't allow food treats!!

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I wanted to share this guest Post with you, it has some great ideas and I personally plan to try them out. One thing My Dr. recommended was for me to get back to doing things I love, which is blogging, crafting and trying out new recipes. So, this will be fun for the girls and I and I can't wait to take these to Meagan's Special Ed Class.

Halloween ideas for schools that don't allow food treats By :Karen Z.

What about HALLOWEEN?

Here is an idea for children who can not take in goodies to school because of a  "food allergy concern" . Our children are not allowed to bring in Halloween snacks of any kind due to the risk of allergic reactions to fellow students.

Here is an idea that I have been doing for the past few years.

Construction paper cut into small rectangles. Write " You make my Halloween more COLORFUL"  or " have a BOOtiful Halloween"
Hole punch - to punch hole into message tag.
Dollar store Halloween goodie bags ( usually 10 or 12 pack ) $1.00 pack
Walmart Silicone Mold, Jack-o-Lantern (6 molds in one with different faces.)
20 boxes would be  ( 480 single crayons ) & $5.00 @ Walmart deal

 Or use old broken crayons if you have them, we save ours throughout the year just for this purpose.
Remove crayon wrappers
Break Crayon up into a few pieces
Fill each silicone mold about 3/4 to the top with broken crayons
bake @ 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C for 2-6 minutes depending upon your oven so set timer for 2 then go from there.
Pull out with oven mitts let cool.
Pop out & repeat until you have enough for each child in the class.
When fully cooled place in plastic goodie bag and attach gift tag to twist tie and twist to seal so message is showing. ( 1 Jack-o-Lantern Crayon per child )
Pass out on Halloween at school. 
Your children will have fun peeling off crayon wrappers, breaking crayons, cutting gift tags & writing messages on tags. The cooking part & removal should be done by an adult as the crayon liquid will be extremely hot.

Total gift price per 25 children $.28 cents now that's a Frugal deal!!! Happy Halloween.

Thanks for letting me share my idea.
Sincerely, Karen Ziegler.

Thanks for sharing this idea Karen, I plan to use it for not only Halloween but Christmas as well...I wanted to add that you can also use Paraffin wax and scents you can buy at a craft store and do the same to make your own melting tarts to give to the teachers....I love you idea Karen!

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