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This is a post written by our very own Kelly who you see on the Facebook Page daily being active and sharing giveaways with you. She explains a little about her life and work situation and why she enters so many giveaways. I can relate to her as well because I enter on average, 100 or more giveaways a week. I can go weeks or even months without a win, but every little thing is either used as gifts for my kids, or rewards for when they do well, I use some for Christmas and Birthdays and I love the household products I win because after 7 kids everything in my kitchen is worn out. So take a few minutes and read a little from Kelly here :)

When you see me on the street, I look like your normal happy go lucky person walking.  But inside there is a person that feels dejected and alone and afraid.  A year ago I was working a FT Job that I adored, my S/O had to take some time off from work due to illness, he had a heart attack at the age of 40 and was having some residual problems.  So when he took the time off, there went his pay check, now it was up to me to provide for two of us, 3 cats and a son that was getting ready to start College.
  So I decided it was time to take a second job just to pay for the extras, I took a job at Lowe's on the weekends.  The pay was good for a PT job and although it was hard, I did it.  Working 7 days a week with no time for play or relaxation kinda of took its toll on me.  But I did what I had to do to keep my family afloat, its amazing what we do when we have to do it..

Amazing how life turns it self around, a year later, I find my self turning 50 and job less.  I was laid off in August due to cuts and I told Lowe's I needed to take a leave of absense, so I could spend more time looking for full time work.  I have never asked anyone for help in any way.. But turning 50 this year has been an eye opener, the things I counted on are no longer there.  I have applied for all kinds of jobs but no one is hiring right now. 

I enter give a ways because I am always thinking of how I can help my family better, last week I won 4 Carmel apples, a Crock pot and a Dream Lites Hello Kitty.
The   Hello kitty doll will come in handy for Christmas this year ,as we have a niece that adores Hello Kitty.  Oh and By the way ,the Apples were delish, I am hoping we will be lucky enough to get them to do a give away with us.. Crock pot came in handy as well because when you are looking for a job and have no time to cook this is the perfect solution.

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