Meet Kelly :)

7:00 AM

 This is Kelly, I hope you all will take a moment to give her a warm welcome to the blog.

My name is Kelly and I am from New York when most people think of NY they think of the city.  I can assure you I live about 2 hours away, NY is big and I live near Apple Orchards that are close enough for me to walk to..
 I have an 18 year old soon to be 19 year old son that attends our local College.  He has not decided what he wants to do yet and I am okay with it.
I also live with my better half Bill and have been together for 12 years in November. 
 We have 3 cats that I adore, all of them were rescues and I love their different personalities.  November is a big month in our house as its our anniversary, my Son Birthday, my Mom birthday and My Birthday. 

I am recently laid off from a Job I loved, it was a hard pill to swallow so I do couponing saves me some bucks.  
I love one to go to the grocery store armed with a big hand full of coupons and see the savings I get.  I have saved as much as $ 30.00 on things and it never fails to amaze me how others don't use coupons.  I am also the one that will go and hand someone a coupon on something I don't use so they can save money too.
So this is me, and my life, and i hope you will welcome me to the blog!

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