Mom's: Win a Day Off from Purex!

10:37 PM


Win a Day Off!
Mothers, we salute you. You deserve a much-needed day off, and we’d like to provide it! We’ll have a maid service clean your house and do the laundry while you’re off getting a mani-pedi, hire a baby sitter to watch the kids, and have dinner delivered so you don’t have to cook! Enter to WIN a day off for yourself or nominate another deserving Mom.

Sweepstakes begins: October 16, 2013 12:00
Sweepstakes ends: November 13, 2013 15:00

If you are like me, you would love a day off, and to think that someone realizes we need a Mother's Day off is pretty nifty! I can think of several Mom's I could Nominate!

I am going to be entering this one, what about you all?

Enter to win HERE

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