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About Raise a Giant

At Green Giant we know getting kids to eat vegetables is just one part of ensuring they grow up healthy. One of the biggest threats to kids' health and happiness is bullying.

When a child is bullied by a peer it can turn his or her life into a daily gauntlet of fear and anxiety. Kids need help to navigate the world—a world bigger and scarier than the one we grew up in—with confidence and pride.

That's why Green Giant is partnering with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota to help parents Raise A Giant and put a stop to bullying in their community.

I had the opportunity to write a letter to my girls and you can too, to help them with confidence, bullying and more. You can even read other letters if you need inspiration. I can tell you that I wrote my letter before reading others but that I cried when reading some of the letters, we as parents, can be some pretty amazing advocates for our children and it's great to read all the letters.

I would love to encourage you all to write a letter to your children as well, boys or girls.

I am showing you my letter that I wrote to my girls below. I would love to see you all write letters as well and share them here as well as on raiseagiant.com, everyone who writes a letter and shares it here  I am going to eventually put them all in one large post) will be entered to win a $25 gift card from Green Giant and My Blog Spark.

I received no compensation for this post at all and the gift card is a gift that I could chose to give to anyone, but I am choosing to give it to one of my readers who chose to share their letters with us

My Girls

Cassidy & Meagan, As you grow in to beautiful young women, you will find that the world can be a cruel place and that you may face many obstacles a long the way from bullying to peer pressure to everyday issues that may seem too overwhelming for you. 
Accept who you are and be happy with yourself, be an advocate for others and always speak up if you or someone else is being bullied. Stand up for yourself, never let yourself be bullied, you are beautiful and strong and do not let anyone take that away from you.
 Meagan, you are an amazing special needs child/young woman who may face issues more than others, but you are still strong, beautiful and amazing and I want you to always know you can say no, tell your teachers, tell your friends and talk to me, and we will stand up for you.
 Cassidy, you my little lady, are outspoken, strong, mouthy and beautiful. You may find yourself in situations where you struggle for the right decisions, but always put yourself first and your morals and goals. Do not let peer pressure, bullying or others influence you to do anything you are not comfortable or not ready for. You are such a sweet girl, and you will go so far in life . Be yourself, don't try to be what others want you to be or do.
 Both girls, be comfortable, be secure in who you are, even if you are different, you are strong young women and you are perfect in my eyes. everyone can be different, and that is a good thing. why be like everyone else when you can be YOU! YOU are who you need to be and who you should always be comfortable being.
 Bullies never go far in life, so don't let them ever get you down. Know that through all walks of life you have people who love you and will stand up for you and help you to make the decisions you may struggle with but ultimately have to be decisions you make yourself. 
If you ever think you are not perfect, look in the mirror, because no one is perfect but it's important to accept who you are and have the confidence to move forward with bravery and acceptance of the beautiful strong young lady you are. 
Always keep your self-esteem high and don't let others discourage you. 

Cassidy, even though you are the younger sister , watch out for Meagan because of her special needs , don't let others make fun of her or bully her. Help others to show her kindness, respect ,strenght , courage and friendship. Girls, learn to be leaders, help your friends with their confidence, self-esteem , be an advocate for others, make and follow your dreams and you will be the best you can be. So stay strong, stay positive and always say YOU!

 Love, Mom

I encourage you all to visit Raiseagiant.com and write your own letter and come back here and share it with us, everyone who does this will be entered to Win a $25 Gift Card from Green Giant and My Blog Spark

Giveaway will end Nov 3rd, 2013 at 9 pm and winner will be chosen the next day and emailed.

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