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Teespring is a crowdfunding platform for groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel.
Anyone can come and design a shirt which they can then sell via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else online. The seller keeps all of the profit the shirt earns. People use Teespring as a fundraising tool or just to earn some extra money.

I decided to check out Teespring and design some shirts of my own,  It was actually very simple to design and you can use your own graphics or choose from the many graphics they have on site. You can also add stuff to the back if you choose, but keep in mind your profit margins and how much you want to raise. 

The best part is the shirts don't print and ship until a set end date determined by the seller. This means they pay nothing upfront, take no risk and don't have to deal with the hassle of ordering the right number of shirts. However, you can also choose to order all of your shirts up front in different sizes so you can have them on hand maybe for large events and such. 

This is a great way to raise money for any cause, you could even come up with catchy shirts, design them and sell them at Flea markets and Swap meets if you want to pay for them up front.

A great example I think would explain this super easy process is this:

I would like to raise money to sponsor families for Christmas, so if I sold these shirts I designed at $12.00 per shirt, I would make $2.00 per shirt based on a goal of 100 shirts sold. Which means my profit would be $200 which would easily help sponsor a family for Christmas. 

Another great example and one I plan to use for my Family Reunion next Summer is that I plan to design the shirts, like below, and allow all my family members to order directly from my link, I plan to add $1.00 to the overall cost of my shirts to help cover the cost of the actual venue of the reunion and all the shirts will be shipped to me to avoid shipping cost and I will hand them out the day of or before the reunion.

All the profit goes directly to you or your cause.

I spent quiet a bit of time exploring the site and was impressed with some previous campaigns and  how much good you could do with this website and the vast opportunities they provide for fundraising.

Here are a few that I came across that really are inspiring and I encourage you to seriously think about using Teespring when doing fundraising

A couple sold this "Love makes a family shirt" to raise money to adopt: http://teespring.com/chrisandshelleyadopt
This I noticed, was a huge success, the goal they had set was 50 shirts and they sold almost triple the goal. 

This one included children's and toddler's shirts to raise money for an 11-year-old to sing in a children's choir in Hungary: https://teespring.com/bunnygirlsings
This one raised over 85k for Boston relief: http://teespring.com/staystrongboston

I really like the inception and overall idea behind Teespring and am excited to get started using their products. You can also order your own Saving My Sanity T-Shirt for only $10.00 and have it shipped to you or you can have it shipped to me when the goal is met they will send then all at one time. You do not get charged until your shirt has actually shipped and the goal has been met.

When making your own campaign you can choose from many different styles of shirts including Hoodies and Tank tops as well. I have looked in to many other websites which say Free design your own shirts just pay shipping, or other sites like Cafe Press but none of them really ca compare to Teespring and the Crowdfunding they offer. 

So, when you need fundraising for any cause , why not check them out first and last because I think you will easily be inspired and impressed with what they have to offer. 

You can even make money with Facebook, Twitter or any other platform selling your own designs on shirts. Just think, if you have original artwork and want to try to sell it on T-Shirts, this is the perfect way to do it and make some much needed extra cash for your needs.

If you would like to order a Limited edition Saving My Sanity T-Shirt you can do so for only $9.00, which is my cost and I will ship them to you if you do not want to pay the shipping cost. You can order HERE

Make sure if you order to send me a Picture once you get your shirt!

I will also be re-starting Fan of The week soon and be giving these T-Shirts out as prizes

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post, however, all opinions are my own

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