This week's happenings and Thank You's! Plus winner Info needed

11:33 AM

Happy Saturday Morning everyone!

I hope you have all had a great week and are ready for yet another wonderful week. I want to take a few minutes and write and let you all know what is happening on the blog and to say thank you to all of my loyal readers.

First, I think most of you know, I added Sarah as an admin the first of September and she has done an amazing job, so I would personally like to say Thanks to her for all of her hard work, especially since she just started a new job as well. You can read all about Sarah HERE

Also, the 1st of October , I added Kelly as a Co-Admin as well and so far she is doing a great job also, so if you have not said hello to her, please read her about me post on the blog HERE

Now, as most of you know I have been recovering from a major illness and had a Brain tumor removed about 10 weeks ago, everyday still brings issues but I am strong and am fighting this one step at a time. It's also well known that I have had my oldest son go off to join the Army and he recently graduated OUST ( Boot Camp and AIT Infantry) and he will soon be going to his first Duty Station with The Old Guard in D.C. and I could not be more proud. It has been so wonderful having him home this week, and it will be bittersweet when he leaves tomorrow to head that way. While he was home he bought his first new car on his own, and it's been a wow factor to see how much he has grown up and matured in so many ways yet in others, he is still my little boy.

Now, as I am sure you have noticed we have been posting a bunch of contest and sweeps on the Facebook page and I did have one person get upset over that so even though I should not have to explain why, I am going to anyway. It's almost Christmas and many people cannot afford Christmas, and even if they can, kids tend to ask for higher end things that lots of people cannot afford. So why not take a chance and enter contest and sweeps? You see, last year, I won enough stuff during the year that with the help of a few sponsors, I was able to help 5 families from the Blog out at Christmas, and not just with small gifts but with nice things and I want to be able to do that again this year, which means, If I am posting links, it gives me a better shot but it also gives you a chance as well and I always tell you to add your personal links under mine so the next person who enters can enter under your link and so on and so forth, which gives everyone extra entries. It's not all about me.

we post win it Wednesday and Freebie Friday because people love it, and I am personally thankful that Sarah takes the times to find all those links for us to enter. I have won enough so far that I can sponsor one, maybe two families this year with a nice Christmas. If sponsors step us as they did last year, then we can do more, or if I manage to win more stuff haha.

Now, it has taken me awhile and I am the first to admit when I make mistakes, but I think I have finally gotten all prizes sent out. I did have to send them Media mail because I had so many the total cost just to ship them was over $100 , had I have sent them normal or priority it would have been closer to $ your prizes are coming but media mail takes a couple weeks to reach you. However, I still have not heard back from 3 people about the Free dial product coupon giveaway with addresses so if you can please check that post with winners HERE and email me again ( if you did before I am sorry, as I admit, I got overwhelmed for awhile) Please, please, if you do not have your free coupon, email me again ASAP and they will get put in the mail the day you email me your address. the best way to get me your info is through Facebook Messages on the page. 

Now, I have been giving Amazon codes out randomly this week, I tried a different way and somehow someone managed to cheat so I did it differently and this weekend I am sending the remaining codes out ( I picked 19 people yesterday who played a long with the Friday fun day) but I will email them tomorrow because today is our last day with my son before his leave ends and he has to report to D.C. so after this post, I won't be online much today. 

Starting Monday, I am going to be working on our Gift Guide, it seems early but I want to get a head start on these gift guide reviews and giveaways so you all have a chance to get the prizes well before Christmas. My Mom is coming back for 2 days this week to help me out around the house because I have been sick as you all know, which is a blessing, she was here this past week as well and she drives almost 3 hours just to get here. I am also helping her to set up her own Blog about cooking and recipes and such and she loves it.she just started but her blog is

We have a few great giveaways on the blog right now as well, so if you go under the giveaway tabs you will find those. Just keep in mind, some are joint giveaways and yes, have many entries and I apologize ahead of time for that, but they are giveaways that I am participating in promoting.

I have 2 guest post to post this next week and those 2 people will receive a $5 Amazon code for those post. Anyone else interested in Guest posting you can email me your submissions to :, you can write about anything, and if you have pictures it makes it a better post. I will give all guest post a $5.00 Amazon code if I use your post ( so far, I have used everyone that has been sent )

Also, I want to hear from you, my readers, as to what you want to see on the blog. what types of things do you like to read, what are you looking for for the Holidays, please let us know so we can give you what you want!

So please take a minute, comment and let us know because I love all the new and old readers, we have grown a lot this past 2 weeks and I want to keep it real with my readers and be "friends" like we have been from the day the blog started!

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