Unclaimed Baggage Center: Awaiting Treasures....Part 2

8:28 PM

So on to part two of three of my trip to Scottsboro, Alabama to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. 

If you remember form the first part, Unclaimed Baggage Center is amazing. The history behind it is actually pretty interested , a simple man, with a borrowed truck and $300 and it is now the only place you can go to to find unclaimed baggage from all over ...it's like a mini shopping Mall with exceptionally low prices. 

Now, something I want to make sure to mention is that Unclaimed Baggage Center gives back not just to the community in which they reside but to communities all over the United States.

Just to give you an idea of how they give back here are a few of the programs they support and give to:
  • Hundreds of thousands of eyeglasses donated to The Lions Club Sight First program.
  • Broken wheelchairs rebuilt for handicapped children and adults worldwide.
  • Millions of dollars worth of medical supplies donated to developing countries.
  • “Luv Luggage” suitcases hand-painted and given to children moving to new foster homes.
  • Millions of dollars in clothing donated to the underprivileged.

So, on to the fun stuff....you have all been asking exactly what I found here on my fun day, so we will start with the electronics and miscellaneous items and part 3 we will move on the other awesome clothing and shoes I found.

The first thing I found was a Kindle Fire for only $89.00...this is the newer one just not the HD but it was in excellent condition, came with a charger and works perfectly. Cassie had broken hers a few months back and I had been wanting to get her one but even the ones I found on Craigslist were selling for much more than this, so this was a deal I could not pass up.

I also found some great buys on Nintendo 3DS games, for only $14.49 each, and they were new release games, Meagan was pretty happy to get 2 new games because she only had 1 at the time that she had gotten for her Birthday the week before with her new 3DS.

I also found some regular DS games for only $9.99 which Cassie was all excited about because even though she has several I found one she had been wanting that had just came out a few months prior. So this trip she really racked up when I got home with goodies...just wait until I tell you all about the clothing treasures I found.   

Next up was this awesome Camera case I found for only $2.99....retail this sells for around $18 so I got a great buy on this and it fits my camera and lens perfectly.

I also found a carrying case for  the girls Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, both cases had plenty of pockets for games,stylus and all the extras they think they need and both  were in excellent condition as you can see below. These were $3.99 for the DS case and $5.99 for the 3DS case, which easily sell for much more in any other store or online.

You can find anything from Apple Ipads to Guitars, Camping Equipment, Sporting Gear and of course luggage all on this same floor with the electronics. I was amazed at the awesome prices on tablets, laptops and digital cameras and some Digital cameras were even sold for as low as $10. 

You can also find Artwork, name brand high end shoes and so much more on this floor alone. I could have easily spent another 4-5 hours just in this one spot, but alas, I was in a hurry to watch what I considered a huge highlight of the whole Unclaimed Baggage Center experience. 

Each day they pick a person from the shoppers to get to open a bag which has only been seen by one other person in the entire operation ( the reasons behind someone else seeing the bag first vary from embarrassing to danger, so it is a must for someone to check ahead of time) ...You get the actual full experience though and it was so much fun. From Clothing to Nesting Dolls, so much was found in this one little bag..and I came home with a set of those Tennessee Titans Nesting dolls for myself as well!

If you are picked you even come away with a coupon for a discount as well as a UBC Shirt which you will get a look at on me in my next post in this series.

I don't want to ruin it for you, because I know you are all going to want to make a trip to Unclaimed Baggage just to see how much fun you can have and what treasures you can find.Just make sure to get this sneak peak here so you can know it's worth it if for no other reason than this!

Here is a video that might even interest you about Unclaimed Baggage

You can also find many treasures throughout Unclaimed Baggage that they have found throughout the years that are not for sale. I noticed a lot of fun and interesting items throughout as we toured Unclaimed Baggage...One statue , I believe was an actual Movie prop and they have been contacted by many trying to get a  hold of this particular piece of history ....but it looks like they plan to hang on to it and I would as well. 

It's almost like a fun fact Museum when you walk through the entire 40,000 square feet of treasures because you can find items hanging on the walls and up above that they have managed to come across over the years that are really interesting. Don't be afraid to ask questions either, because the staff are always happy to answer what they can and assist you in your adventure for the day ( However, die hard shoppers such as myself may want to plan for two days because they also have a UBC,Etc where you can dig around and find clearance, final markdowns and so much more as well)

I keep getting off track, but no worries because I still have, at the least 1 more post to show you, which I can give you a hint about....its a fashion show on the blog! I am going to show you all the great clothing finds I found for myself and my family...and we are going to pose in each outfit for you!

If you read my first post, you know that overall, I spend $151.27 for my entire day of shopping and now you know what electronics and accessories that I found, we will move on to clothing , accessories, shoes, and then to UBC, etc.

I can't wait for my next experience, and am hoping to make the trip before the Holidays because I can just imagine myself spending hours shopping and finding all those great buys that I can give the kids and family for Christmas.  I have been trying to talk my friends, my Mom, Chris and just about anyone I can think of to load up and go with me because it's such an adventure I think everyone should experience it just once, at least ( Personally, I see many trips in my future)

Though located in a little town just on the outskirts of nowhere, it's a place where you want to put that push pin at on your map so you can add it to your next road trip...just a quick side trip is what you can convince your significant other ( they will enjoy it as much as you I would be willing to hazard a guess at)

One thing I can say for certain, other than the amazing finds you can rest assured that the staff are all super friendly, knowledgeable and more than willing to help you in your search for your treasure. I am determined to get Chris with me on my next trip though because that huge Jewelry Department really looked great to me...........but I didn't spend much time there because it was time for a yummy lunch right at the store in the Cups Cafe where I enjoyed a yummy Turkey Sandwich and Salad ..with  Red Velvet Cupcake for dessert..mmmmmm.

Keep a lookout for my third post in the series from Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama, where you never know what you will find.

Now, I do have to mention that I took over 200 pictures and while on the drive home, sadly my memory card and camera were stolen from my car, so the only pics I have are ones I took on my phone and posted to twitter and the actual products I took home, so when traveling, remember to always lock your car, I was at a rest area and my camera was in my front seat ( luckily my bags were in the trunk)

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