Weekend Flash Giveaway

9:45 AM

You guys have been the most amazing fans, standing with me through thick and thin, I love the fact that my page is more friends than just people whose names we never know.

SO for the weekend I have a flash giveaway with 3 winners ( Maybe more depending on how many entries)

The Prizes:

1.) Goody Bag with atleast 5 items from jewelry to makeup to free coupons and a couple of other surprises

2.) 3 FREE product coupons

3.) Gift Basket filled with snacks, and all kinds of things to do with food. 

How to enter:

Make a comment on any post on the blog ( if it's a non-giveaway post you get 2 entries not just one)

Let me know here which post you commented on and you may comment on as many as you like, if you want to comment on 30 post, woohoo, just make sure you let me know here ( You can tell me all the post in one comment here if you want)

If you follow on Pinterest you get 1 entry you can follow me HERE

If you follow on Twitter you get 1 entry, you can follow HERE

If you endorse and follow me on Sverve you get 5 entries for following me and 1 for each endorsement, you can sign up here on :Sverve

If you follow me on Google + you get one entry, follow me HERE

If you have entered any other contest acive on the blog, you get one entry

All you have to do is make sure you comment here on which ones you do, you can tell me all in one comment or in multiple comments, your choice.

This starts now and ends Monday Morning at 9 am...winners will be contacted or posted on Monday morning and the sooner you get me your info the sooner you get your prize, I want to send all prizes out by Thursday so if you have not responded by Wednesday at 8 pm I will pick new winners.

As I said, the more entries that we have, the more prizes I will add, for every 50 entries I will add another prize

Good Luck!

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