What's New in Our World....Let's talk about Christmas Sponsorship and other exciting things!

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So as you have all noticed, the content and amount of time I spend on the blog has increased almost back to how it used to be. Now, we are close to 5,000 Facebook fans, which is exciting in a sense but to be honest, I love all of my fans and as long as I can engage the ones I already have, then I am happy with it. I know every blog strives to have more followers, but I have over 10,000 email subscribers so I must be doing something right. I just  honestly enjoy blogging and enjoy interacting with all of you and am happy to have found the niche in my life.

As we start to approach the Holiday Season, you are going to soon notice a place on the blog that says Holiday Gift Guide and another that says Holiday Food and Beverage Guide. I am going to strive to being you the best products on the market this Holiday season that are within your budget as well as many budget friendly foods,drinks and recipes. I have been considering running a recipe contest here on the blog and then letting our readers vote...would you have any interest in that?

I also want to start getting crafty this Holiday Season and find things inexpensive to give as gifts, especially to teachers, neighbors and so many who have supported me this year during my illness,so I am looking for guest post with crafting ideas for the Holidays. If I use your post I will pay you $5 per post.

Dustin is safely now tucked away in D.C. at his first Duty Station.At first he was not too excited but now he is loving it. He says The Army is where he plans to stay for the long haul and that being a part of the Old Guard is an honor that he loves and is enjoying. It makes me happy that now my son is just a phone call, face time or skype away and I hope to get the opportunity to visit him in D.C.Sometime during the Holidays since he most likely will not get any leave during those times especially where he is stationed and what his job entails.

Another great thing coming up, I plan to attend the Activision Family game Summit, where I will learn all about new games and toys for boys, girls and teens, and maybe even adults,for the Holiday season, of course this is not yet set in stone but so far my plan is to attend and I think it is in NYC on Nov 7th if I remember correctly, and if I get to go it means I get to bring home goodies for you here on the blog as well.So cross your fingers that everything works out!

Another exciting thing for me is that I am trying to get tickets to the Ellen show....put in a good word for me would ya? lol. I applied to get tickets to the Nov 18th show in L.A.....this is something I have wanted for a few years as I am sure you guys know since I mention it all the time.

Now, something I am sure you have all been waiting to hear about.....Christmas Sponsorship. Last year I started out being able to sponsor only 3 families but with help from readers, sponsors and contest winnings, I was able to sponsor 5 families which was such a great feeling. This year, sadly, with my illness and such, I can currently only sponsor 1 family with up to 6 people. So now, I am asking for your help,if you know of any companies who would be willing to help with a sponsorship or any individuals who can contribute,I am going to ask for help so we can sponsor more than 1 family.This can be done in many ways, I can take sponsorship money via paypal ( anything from $1.00 up) or products from individuals or companies or gift certificates from companies.I can email Several companies per week but if you guys are willing to help out and email companies that would be great. I will have all packages shipped from here and try my best to fulfill the wishes of each child in the family as well as a goody package for up to 2 adults and some household items and free food coupons. 

How you can you apply for sponsorship ? I will be opening the form up in the next day or two and ask that you fill it out completely. My family and I will sit down together around the middle of November and read your stories and choose a family or hopefully more than one. I don't need to hear every detail of why you need help, just a basic overview and I go by the honor system so I hope that if you apply it is because you truly need help. You can also apply for someone else if you think they could use the help. Everything is kept confidential. I may ask Sarah or Kelly to help read the applications but we will never give out your name or info unless you allow us too and if you are chosen it is up to you if you choose to take pictures or share your story with us on the blog. I would love to share your story, so if you allow me too I will and I can leave your name off if you want.

So be on the lookout for the Application hopefully today or tomorrow.

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