Stay Positive! A quick update .....

3:50 PM


First of all, I want to say Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to send me personal messages, post here on the blog and on the Facebook page asking about my health. I have shied away from talking about it because the Holidays are a joyous time :)

I will quickly update you as much as possible, however, some things are still unknown.

I still have daily bouts of headaches from my Surgery of the Brain tumor removal but I try to just push through. The masses on my lungs are not only still there but they have found even more and I think at last count 21 spots were detected and I will be having a biopsy finally in a few weeks thanks to an amazing Lady who never gave up and found the right doctors to work with me. I am currently not doing any therapy other than a few medicines, we are in high hopes that this is a fungal disease and even though those are just as hard to treat as cancer, the outcome has been known to be much better.

I won't lie, I have my days where staying positive feels like it will be the death of me, but everyday I wake up is a good day in my book. I am on oxygen at night due to the limited lung capacity right now and oxygen levels are a tad low but not too bad. 

I keep smiling, I keep moving forward and I try to keep busy. My house is no longer clean on a daily basis and my bed sometimes goes a day or two without getting made up ( this bugs me haha) but I am finding that the little things in life just really are not as important as I thought and spending time with you guys here on the Blog, my family and my friends are what truly matters.

My Mom has been a big help, she drives the 3 hours one way every couple of weeks on her days off just to give me a hand around here and what most of you are not aware of is that we recently also took my niece in as well.

So I just want to say Thank you to all of you for sticking around, I hope we can make this a very merry Holiday season on the Blog....stay positive, keep smiling and hold your head up because in the end, your attitude will rub off and come natural even on the worst of days :)

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