How Savings For Sanity Came to be.......

7:18 AM

Many people ask me on a daily basis, how did you start Savings For Sanity ? So I thought I would give you a little background. 

I started Savings for Sanity originally as just a coupon blog, over a short period of time I started sharing more about life, deals, fun stuff and how I coped with 7 children. There seemed to be a million coupon blogs out there and eventually my blog evolved in to "Saving My Sanity"

I have been blogging almost 2 years now and love every minute of it. I know lots of blogs have 10,000 + fans on Facebook, etc, but I am content with my 5,000 + fans because it is a closer community and I have gotten to know many of you and love seeing your comments and such on a daily basis. I sometimes join in with larger blogs on Giveaways if I think you guys would enjoy the product but I much  prefer to do my own giveaways and share with you the things I have gotten or the products I have personally tried. I would love to be bigger but that's not something I stress over or try real hard at, I like being able to connect with you all and I can still do that,.

I love being able to give stuff away, talk with you, and just in general,  I love being a blogger.I love sharing with you all how I "Save My Sanity" , and I love how many of you have been with me since day one and know the struggles I have went through with my health. and I love your guest post sharing as well.

How do you Save your Sanity?

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