Media Flair By Escourt : Think Christmas!

3:51 PM

Media Flair 

I don't know about you all but my kids are constantly wanting to watch movies and listen to music when we are driving or even around the house, and they never want to watch them together, they all have tablets, Kindles, Phones, or something  but we have found a great little device that has made this easy peasey for all the kids especially when we are on the road which seems to be more often than not lately.


MediaFlair™ is an exciting new way to listen, watch and share your media on devices such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and more. Using the power and simplicity of WiFi, MediaFlair streams your personal content to your favorite smartphone or tablet using our free and easy to use app.
Simply load your music, movies, photos and documents onto the included SD card, plug it into your MediaFlair and take it with you. It's perfect for road trips with the kids, business travel and tailgating with friends and family.
It's small, lightweight and provides up to 4 hours* of use on a single charge. Plus, multiple people can watch or listen to any file that's on your SD card at the same time. *Playback time will depend on number of users and the resolution of the content.
Personal Media On-The-Go! MediaFlair™ by ESCORT includes: 8GB SD card, 12v power adapter and Micro USB to Standard USB cable.

 This little device is simply handy and has so many great uses. It retails for only $99 and you can purchase it directly from the Website.

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