My Stay at Hilton Fashion District New York: A Horrible Experience

8:39 AM

So most of you have by now read the letter where I responded to the Manager of the Hilton Fashion District Hotel where I stayed  the first 2 days of my trip. If not, see below for my email back to him. Hilton chose to say I did not make any attempt to let the Manager rectify the situation by not responding to his emails or calls, however, I called back 3 times, plus went down to the Front Desk, he was either not "in" or unavailable every time.

I am a member of Hilton Honors, I am ashamed to even say I stayed at this hotel. Now, I have damage to my car, it needs professionally cleaned on the inside and I dealt with the dust all in my car the entire 11 hour ride home which caused me to use my inhaler more than once. Today we looked over my car and it has 2 very deep scratches which I plan to upload pictures of this evening as well. 

Hilton is doing nothing to remedy this situation so I plan to make sure everyone knows what a substandard Hotel this was, what a horrible experience I had and how Hilton has chosen to react to this situation.

Mr. Suh,

I'm not sure there was anything you could have done to make my stay better. The Hilton New York Fashion District Hotel  was by far the worse Hotel experience I have even encountered. Months ago I decided to switch from Marriott to Hilton because I stayed at a Hilton and loved it. My experiences had all been positive up until the stay at your Hotel. Where to start, well, to begin with , I have a mildly broken Ankle, when we went for ice that night to ice it down, we were charged $5.75 for ice, most any Hotel in the world has ice, free of charge. Day 2, your staff came in to my room and accused us of smoking with their little Q-tip kit which showed we were not, then they proceeded to go out in to the hallway and make comments about how they hated rich people like us and kept pointing at our door making smoking gestures, I could see and hear all of this.  Next up was, I paid for valet parking, not in a million years would I have expected to see my car parked where you could barely open the door, the windows were down, the keys left inside and dust all inside my car and someones trash not to mention 2 scratches which were not there before as my car was just painted less than 2 months ago, I do plan to proceed with estimates  and forward these charges to your hotel if we cannot work something out. Overall this was by far the worse hotel experience ever for myself and my husband. I am also forwarding a copy of this email to corporate as well, because this is totally unacceptable. We extended out stay in New York but promptly switched Hotels to the Hampton in Madison Square Garden area and was treated  with the utmost respect, it was a wonderful experience and not once was anything even remotely wrong. Your Hotel may be nice but the service, the friendliness and overall expectations of Hilton are substandard. At this point, I have not yet decided as to the fact if I plan to dispute the charges on my credit card or wait 48 hours to see what you plan to do to remedy this situation.

Bridget Williams

Now, after reading my letter, what would you do? Should I seek legal action?  Do you think disputing the charges on my credit card would even do any good since we did actually stay there? I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions as well and look forward to them!

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