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8:57 AM

Okay so by now you all should know the Christmas Gift and Shopping Guide is live. I have so many wonderful items to add to it and lots of giveaways to go with it as well. I have a super busy week planned on the blog and personally so I will be burning the candle at both ends this week to bring you some great things. 

One great announcement I want to make is that I have notified the first person who is getting Christmas help and am able to help another person thanks to the great folks at Unclaimmed Baggage, I was able to pick up several items this past weekend and will be making another trip for more before Christmas, and I can't wait to tell you all about some of my great finds. I will give you a quick spoiler, I was selfish and found a Northface Jacket in like new condition for myself for an amazing price!

I am also taking  any and all slightly used or new gifts so we can help out as many people as possible, so if you have anything laying around or can afford to buy a small gift and ship it, that would be wonderful, you can even ship directly to the person if you would like to do that. We have over 200 applications and I wish I could help each and every person because I would! 

I am crossing my fingers that this week brings lots of sweeps and IWG wins to me so that I can go forward to help a 3rd family out. Not sure if you all have noticed but I really don't keep much for myself because I love giving stuff to you all on the blog!

All prizes from the 5,000 fan giveaway are going out this week on the 22nd. So if you won a prize if it is not digital you will have it by next week :) Digital prizes will also go out the same day. I have 2 people who never received wins from the Food city Giveaway so those prizes will be resent this week except they will be different goodies since those are now in never never land.

A little about a few things in the Christmas Gift Guide....L'bri skincare with 10 winners....Mally Beauty with 1 winner , Sally Hansen with 1 winner, and 22 other great sponsors with over 30 winners total. I am working on trying to get Soda Stream to sponsor a giveaway as well so cross your fingers!

Also, I am setting up a form for you to fill out if you would like a Christmas card from me. Some may even have surprises in them as well!

Another thing we are working on is Christmas cards for out troops, so if you would like an address or to be assigned a special Soldier, please message me and I will give you a name and address. I can't put the addresses directly on the blog but have plenty to go around if any of you would like to send a card!

Happy Monday everyone and stay tuned.......Brie

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