Titanic Pigeon Forge Holiday event Ticket Giveaway!

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I just love this place! Not only can you find interesting facts and artifacts but the kids will love it too and they really get in to it. So it's a fun education experience for the entire family.

 You and your family are invited to share the holiday magic at the Titanic Attraction Pigeon Forge this year !

 -One of MY  lucky followers will also win tickets to visit as well!     Plan your visit for a Saturday during the holiday season and you'll get to experience REAL snow off the bow!

This is one venture that I cannot wait to experience, I always love Pigeon Forge during the Holidays but being able to attend this event is like Icing on a Cake, you don't want to miss it!

They also have Thanksgiving Fireworks at the Titanic Pigeon Forge that is a real spectacular experience as well1

Titanic Thanksgiving Fireworks This just looks amazing and I can't wait to attend!

One blog Reader will win tickets ( up to 2 adults and 4 children) for the Holiday experience. I love being a part of this and even if you can't attend you can always donate them to someone!

Discover the 133 Children's Stories of Titanic.  The first and only world tribute to Titanic's littlest heroes.

Go HERE to enter the Giveaway specific to Saving My Sanity's Blog and enjoy! 

You can see all the great attractions and upcoming event son the website as well and I encourage you all to "like" the Facebook Page, follow on Twitter, and follow on Instagram for all the latest news and to see the winner announcement ( It will be posted on my blog as well) and they have other giveaways on the main Facebook page you will want to enter in case you want to take friends or family with you.

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