Wow! What a Week!

11:43 PM

I can't wait to share my week with you guys, tonight it's late and I am exhausted but I can give you a quick recap.

I attended the Activision Family Game Summit last week and it was amazing, I have a few great giveaways coming just for you guys as well from Activision and SFS.

I also attended the Engadget expand Convention and while I did not bring home any goodies I made several contacts for our Christmas Gift guide which goes live...............THIS WEEK!

I came home to a Kitchen table packed with goodies for me and for you to start next week off right,so plan on stalking the blog!

I am also going to be heading back to Unclaimmed Baggage this week and doing some shopping, anyone close by is welcome to join me for a day of fun at unclaimmed baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama.

Thank you all for being great with Sarah & Kelly and holding down the fort, more to come tomorrow!


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