Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson: Contoversy...where does it end? Is A & E in the wrong?

9:51 PM

We all know I don't normally get controversial on the blog, but after watching the news tonight, I feel the need to speak out. I may lose readers from this post, but we all have our own opinions, and different views.

Phil Robertson, he said some pretty ugly  things. Did he say it out of pure Malice or simply his own beliefs? Personally, I love Duck Dynasty, and everyone on the show, I also love Ellen DeGeneres...I have Gay friends, Lesbian friends, and I am Christian. I was not put here on earth to judge anyone.

I disagree with A & E and the suspension of Phil Robertson. I also disagree with what he said and how it was said. This reminds me of the whole Paula Dean situation a few months back.

America is about Freedom of Speech and I can see how what Phil Robertson said was offensive to many. People on the news says things that offend me every day, but I still watch the news. I also watch Duck Dynasty, Ellen DeGeneres and several other shows which involve religion, reality, lesbian and gays, but I watch those shows because I choose to watch them. No one forces me to watch them and if I personally find it offensive, then I will just change the channel. 

I think A & E has went too far in suspending Phil Robertson. He admitted those are his beliefs, and we have freedom of speech. I can think of many other shows on A & E which duplicit things much worse than what Phil Robertson said. Maybe A & E should just consider the entire programing schedule and take may of the so called stars off the air. I have heard much worse come out of the mouths of many on A & E , especially shows such as Dog the Bounty Hunter which personally in my opinion is offensive or how about Storage Wars where they call each other names, argue, say explicit things...maybe A & E needs to simply re-do the entire programing schedule and considering "suspending" half of the cast of the shows they air.

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