Happy Saturday ...ways to win and updates!

7:05 AM

Good Saturday Morning my friends :) I'm feeling all sentimental this early on a Saturday , was thinking about my wonderful kids, family and yes, this page where I find solace in everyday life. We arrived in DC yesterday to see Dustin, all safe and sound and all 5 kiddo's and Chris are snuggled up in the beds asleep in the Hotel room, pain doesn't let me sleep long but that's okay, Chris gave me the best Christmas Gift I could have gotten and that was a trip to see my son. 

Last year we did a series called New Year, New you with 100 days of challenges, I think I lost a bunch of you about halfway through, so I am wonderful, how about we start New Year, New you with a 30 day challenge. The challenges will be anything from spending 20 minutes uninterrupted with your kids, to 5 minutes exercising to 20 minutes cleaning out a room....and along the way I give out prizes to those who participate . If the challenge does not fit you/apply to you, I always encourage you to make up your own and post it . I even have a few sponsors who are willing to help suppl prizes. It's not all about losing weight, or resolutions, it's about simplifying our lives on a daily basis just a few minutes at a time....so who is in?

Many of you know, the new year will more then likely bring more surgery for me as I have another tumor located on my T3/T4 spinal cord. No definite decisions have been made as of right now and it will most likely be middle of January before I know anything definite as well are waiting and doing several other test to see if they can determine exactly what is wrong with me, they have a 90 % idea, but it is taking tons of testing to make A determination because it's fairly rare, so unless my tumor gets larger in the next 2-3 weeks, I am simply going to finish the testing before we do a removal. I am in pain pretty much all around, but I can't let myself give up and I have to push forward. I am determined to be the person I was 7 months ago before I got sick. I want all new flowers to take care of  ( most all mine died from lack of care when I was sick ) What I want most of all id a big huge elephant Ear Plant but am having a hard time finding those anywhere.

I am also determined to get back to focusing on the blog lie I used too with great product reviews, giveaways, recipes, guest post and so much more. So 2014 is going to be a great yea for Savings For Sanity. Chris has also decided he wants to start his own small blog about manly stuff , so we purchased the domain and I am working with him on how to do it, soon I will announce it to you all and help him kick  it off with some really great giveaway.

I am sad, I never made it on the Ellen show in 2013....I guess it's just on of those pipe dreams that never come true lol, but I still love Ellen and will still keep trying.

So get ready for lots of new post from me starting next week, and watch out on New Years Eve because we are going to bring it in the SFS way with prizes every hour starting at 8 pm til midnight and then kick off the Big New Years Giveaway Wednesday New Year's day!

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas, and we will resume the Fan of the week the 2nd week in January as well, 

I would love to hear what you guys would like to see on the blog in 3014......who knows, great ideas could get great surprises :)


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