It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

7:04 AM

I think the Holiday spirit has finally hit my home. We have spent a lot of time over the past 2 weeks at the Doctor's  but in between times we did manage to get our tree up. It isn't going to be a big Christmas at our house this year, but the best gift I could receive is for all of my kids to be here on Christmas day.

Many winners were picked this morning via and I will be heading over to rafflecopter soon to get even more winners as well. 

All Prizes will go out next Monday from the past 2 weeks ( most of you know I only ship once every 2 weeks) and will arrive in time for Christmas I promise :) My little elves are going to be helping me package stuff this weekend to ship out.

Today I am going to be talking to you a little more about Unclaimmed Baggage and how you can really get some great gifts there. It really is worth the trip, so pick a day, grab some friends and head on down or up to Scottsboro, Alabama for a day of shopping and fun!

However, that is not all I have in store for you today, Starlooks November box was amazing and I am going to be telling you all about that ( you may want to go ahead and order the special December Box now before time runs out because it is awesome and I can't wait to get mine. If you have a makeup lover on your gift list you cannot beat this deal and they will have it to you in time for Christmas as well. 

I have a L'Bri skincare review coming up and it has 10..yes 10 winners...and it will only run 3 days so that you can have your winnings before the Holidays! You may want to check them out as well because the sample pack would make a great teacher gift, Secret Santa gift  or stocking stuffer and the price cannot be beat on the sample pack!

I am also going to be doing giveaways for days 4-8 today for our 12 days of Christmas, I just have to figure out what I am going to give away haha. I have looked at all of your suggestions and will go from there. 

Now, let me tell you, I have posted ( as have Sarah and Kelly) over 400 contest and giveaways this month and I have seen many of our readers names on the list...wooohoo, happy to see you guys are entering. Personally, I am on a losing streak and it's been well over a month since i had even a little win, so what do you recommend I do to get some luck? lol

I am going to be around all day today as Sarah and Kelly both have to work so you are stuck with me. I woke up motivated and determined today to not let anything get me down and to actually get stuff done. Poor Chris has been my rock these past few months and I told him last night it was time for me to quit moping and him to go back to work because it isn't fair that he is out working well in to the night since he has been spending his days at the Doctor's offices and helping me around the house. I am determined to get it all done today and tomorrow by myself so my home can get back to normal. 

I woke up this morning to see our elf hugging our Army bear...that has to be a good sign, right? 

As for me, we think we may finally have a Diagnosis, of course we still are doing the waiting game with test and blood work, but to think we may actually know, well, it seems like a huge relief has been lifted. I go back to the Doctor on Thursday and hopefully we will have a firm answer by then. I feel like I have let my kids down this year since getting sick, so I really hope that over Christmas break I can take a few days and spend with them here at home baking, playing games, watching movies and just having Mommy time with all of them. I am praying my Dustin gets to come home for the Holidays but it is not looking likely at this point :(

So get ready to rock today my friends because I am ready to write...and ready to give stuff away!

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