L'Bri Skincare Review & Giveaway

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It was just recently, as I looked in the mirror that I realized, "gasp" I am now considered middle age. How is that for a sobering thought?  You know those days when you just think wow, I wish my skin looked younger, healthier , more alive like it did in my younger days. That was one of those days.

Enter L'BRI skin care...could it really make my skin look fresher, bring life back to that lackluster facial appearance?  Could I afford it? Keep reading to see how I answer these questions.

I received several of the L'BRI Pure n' Natural  products to try and decided to start first with the cleanser on day 1 as directed, once in the morning and once at night. I also applied the Face and Body  Scrub on day 1 as well. I could immediately tell a difference in the smoothness of my skin on my face, my hands and my elbows.

I was really looking forward to trying the facial peel as I have used Microderm Abrasion a few times and liked the results. If you have used Olay, Mary Kay or Avon before, you will jump for joy after using L'BRI products because let me tell you, this facial Peel was amazing! I did not get the burning, scrubbed out look like I have before with other products. No 2 or 3 part process and it was quick and easy. You truly cannot believe how much better my face looked and felt.

L'BRI has a super promotion where you can purchase the 5 piece sample set for only $6.75 shipping and Handling so you can try it out for yourself HERE

Now, you ask, what are the normal prices? Trust me, I like to save money as much as the next person ( probably more so as I am a couponaholic)  But, L'BRI is truly affordable, priced comparably with other companies out there if not less.

Now, what makes L'BRI so special and different from all the other Skin care Companies out there? To start with, the main ingredient is not water like most other companies, but Aloe Vera. L'Bri is also an all natural product exactly as it states in the name of the product.

Now that I have had a chance to try several of the products in the L'BRI line, I simply cannot wait to try the make-up. 

The Holiday line is awesome, and so affordable as well. They have some cute products that will fit right in a stocking, or...how about adding a 5 piece Sample set to the stocking as well? You can't go wrong with $6.75 for a set that will change the way you look and feel.

I give L'BRI a 5 star rating and I am excited that I get the opportunity to share with my readers what a wonderful experience I have had.

5 of my lucky readers will receive a sample set for themselves! These sample sets are actually very nice and  you will love them. They make great gifts also@!

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