Unclaimed Baggage Center: Your Christmas Shopping Headquarters! Plus a Coupon!

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If you have ever traveled by Air, you may have had your bags misplaced for a short amount of time or maybe even never recovered. So what happens to all of those bags that never get recovered? Have you ever heard of the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama?

Before I get started on this awesome post that I want to share with you all, I want to give you a bit of background. when the Airlines lose your bag, they usually reunite you with it, but if they do not in a certain amount of time, the reimburse you and then, eventually, those lost bags that have been reimbursed make their way to this little town in Alabama where you probably have never heard of, it's off the beaten path, but definitely worth putting on your to travel to and to do list, especially coming up on the Holidays.

By now, you all know how much I personally love Unclaimed Baggage center in Scottsboro, Alabama. If you have not yet taken the plunge and made the trip, then you are missing out. This is your one stop Christmas shopping destination.

Check out this awesome Northface jacket which was like brand new that I got for only $35, I could say it's a Christmas Gift but I kept this one just for me. 

Every Item is dry cleaned before being put on the floor to sell, they have the largest Dry cleaning facility in Alabama!

This last trip to Unclaimed Baggage was a day to remember. A group of us left Knoxville at 7 am for our Girls day out, now to give you an idea of how our day went, I decided at last minute to drive Chris's truck in case I found some larger items I could not live without, so one group of us all piled in to his big truck and headed out . I had decided to take my girls with me to help shop, Cassie is 11 and Meagan is 17..I was worried Cassie would easily get bored once we got there but she was like a kid in a candy store, just so much she could look for.

I gave them each some money to spend either on themselves or for gifts, both choose to spend on themselves lol.

Cassidy came away with a ton of stuff for her $25. She bought a pair of boots which were originally retailed for $59.99 for only $6.95. she also came away for a purse she adored for only $2.95 which was like brand new , a board game which she paid only $2.95 for , a Wallet for only $2.95 and several clothing items she adored and her total with tax was only $23.88

Now, Meagan on the other hand, was very picky but spent all of her $25 easily. She bought a cute new with tags pair of Eeyore Pajamas which the tag read $24.95 and she paid only $6.95. She found a One Direction wallet for $2.95 and 2 cases for her Ipod Touch for $1.95 each , a 3DS game for $12.49 and 3 pieces of Costume jewelry for a total of $2.29...her total with tax was a little more than $25 but she was super happy with her purchases.

Do you have electronics on your Christmas list? You can find laptops, tablets, iPads, iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras, Video Cameras, Video games for all systems, Cd's, DVDs, and anything electronic you can think of for about half the retail cost. 

Ski's, skates, outdoor gear, name brand tennis shoes from brand new to slightly used....yep, you can find it all at Unclaimmed Baggage. 

Looking for a coach purse without breaking the bank? They have several to choose from all priced much less than you would find anywhere else and I even saw one hanging there that was brand new for less than $100.

Now, here is where the fun begins for my Mom and myself. We  took a side trip over to the other building, UBC,Etc and found that they were having a Jacket sale..all Jackets were $6...My mom's work just happened to be having a coat drive and I knew of several places locally that were also collecting Coats for the needy. We spend a good 2 hours going through rack upon rack of Coats and Jackets and came away with 11 jackets to donate that were all either new with tags, or looked brand new and very warm. I also purchased 2 for myself and one for Meagan and my Mom found one for herself as well. I can't think of any other place anywhere that you could have found nice, new or like new coats for only $6 and many name brands as well! This is also where Meagan found even more items to add to her growing pile, A CD Walkman, several CD's and Cassidy found a few movies for only $2 each.

Lunch time! Cups Cafe located right inside the UBC building has an amazing selection for lunch. My Mom says it was the best Turkey Sandwich she had ever had and I have to agree because I chose the same thing. Cassidy also had a sandwich with chips and a drink and Meagan and Missy chose the kids meal Pizza ( this Pizza was huge for a Kid's meal and could have easily filled up any Adult) The deserts in Cups Cafe were absolutely to die for. I had a Rice Crispy treat and the girls had cupcakes and cookies. The prices in the Cups cafe are just as good as the prices in the shopping area . You can also stop by Cups cafe and grab a Starbucks Coffee for an afternoon Pick me up ( which I did) 

Is Jewelry on your list? You will not find better prices on gold, silver and gems anywhere else. they have all jewelry checked and appraised and it is then priced at about half the appraised value. You can find Wedding sets, engagement rings, necklaces, charms, rings or all kinds and any jewelry you can imagine here and it's such an amazing selection!

Upon walking in to Unclaimed Baggage this Holiday Season you will first see some pretty awesome things and have a chance to check yourself in on the computer in the lobby to show where you are from. I saw every single state represented on that map, impressive! The 40,000 square foot facility is neatly arranged by department and boasts a wide-range of merchandise. With 7,000 new items added daily, there's always something new to check out.

Now, I recently read where someone said a trip to UBC was a wasted trip, but I am going to be the one to disagree. Every item in the place has a story, most we will never know, but when you find a treasure you love, just think of what the story behind it may be, use your imagination! 

They have pieces all over that are deserving of a museum. The items displayed alone are simply worth the trip.

If you are like me, you still have a full day or running from store to store  looking for those gifts before Christmas, but instead why not take a trip down to Scottsboro, Alabama, grab your friends and make a day of it at Unclaimed Baggage where you can easily mark every last gift off your list for a fraction of the cost and have fun while doing it?

They also have a revealing as I would call it, everyday at the store and  one person from the many shoppers is chosen to open a bag and go through it, which is pretty neat because only one other person at Unclaimed Baggage has seen what is in the bag and the reason for that is to make sure no dangerous or overly embarrassing items are inside. So all the employees are having as much fun as you are watching what the lucky shopper gets to pull out of the suitcase. That lucky shopper also receives a 10 % off coupon for that day's purchases as well as a T-Shirt ..and they also get to pick another name from the box to receive a 10 % off coupon. Although no one in my group of 11 got picked to open the bag, my Mom was a lucky one when the shopper who went through the bag pulled her name out for a 10 % off coupon, which she happily put to use right there! ( notice Meagan & I in the background ...funny stuff you find in bags!)

I have seen some fun things come out of these bags on my trips to Unclaimed Baggage, my all time favorite was a suitcase with several sets of Russian Nesting Dolls. My favorite of course was the Tennessee Titans Nesting Dolls which wee just super cute...and came home with me that day as well.

There is no other place in the world like Unclaimed Baggage, it's a one of a kind destination where people from all over travel t, so now it's your turn to put yourself on the map and rack up on the Christmas Gifts, and you can even bring the guys a long for the ride if you want because they have a section dedicated to sports items and a Men's only section where you can find name brand jeans for about 1/4 of what you would normally pay and many still have the original price tags attached. When they tire from being awed themselves, they can have a seat , drink a cup of coffee and relax while you shop. Then you can head on over to UBC, Etc where the guys can find tools and all kinds of guy things to fill up their cart as well. Once they see how little you spend and how much you get, I can bet they will even encourage you to go back again and again. 

One of my new favorite sections to shop which I missed the first time around is the International Clothing section, where you can find some beautifully crafted clothing and most pieces are less than $10 and I even found some cute shirts for Cassie ( brand new) for only $3.29 each. Kimonos, Pajamas, and the things that royalty would wear can all be found in this little corner of the store.

Unclaimed Baggage attracts a lot of attention from the media. People are always interested in the astonishing variety of clothes, gadgets, books and lost treasures that have found their way to the store.

So what are you waiting for? Spend a few minutes calling your friends, and head on down ( or up) to Unclaimed Baggage this weekend to finish that Christmas  shopping and see how much money you can save and how many treasures you can bring home ( you will even have enough money left over to buy yourself some gifts while you are there ) 

Want something even better for your shopping trip? How about a coupon for you? This makes for such a good deal that you don't want to pass up this opportunity! If you don't get the chance to go before Christmas why not take some of that Christmas Gift cash and head on over to Unclaimed Baggage with this coupon which is good until Jan 31, 2014 and get yourself some Goodies! I bet they have a great after Christmas sale as well so stay tuned and i will keep you in the loop with all the sales they have coming up!

Just print this coupon and take it with you , it's that simple!

You can also check them out on Facebook for all the great finds, deals and events...We love Unclaimed Baggage!

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