Bacon...Bi-Lo....does it get any better than this?

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We all love bacon, it's a staple around here, as it is in many households all around. 

Bi-Lo has some amazing Bacon deals and right now they even have Bacon demonstrations and samples in store as well.

Ever heard anyone say they didn’t love bacon? Of course not! They even created vegetarian bacon because Everybody. Loves. Bacon. Throughout the month of January, BI-LO is celebrating everyone’s favorite food with bacon sampling, bacon recipes, and bacon sales.

I Shopped Bi-lo for this event just so I could come home and find a few great recipes to share with you using my Bi-Lo Bacon. This was something my family really enjoyed, that's for sure. I don't serve bacon often, at least not as often as my family would like, so having all these Bacon things to try was a treat for them.

Bi-Lo has some great recipes in store that you can pick up or head over to the website and you can find a couple of great recipes as well such as Bacon Treasure Burgers.

I love doing the individual Bacon Bowls and filling them with Salad and my kids love it too, however, I think they would like them more if I topped them off with Bacon on top of the salad also, but it gets them to eat salad, and it's fun for them to help me make as well. It's like a BLT without the bread, which is actually healthier when you take out the added Carbs you have with bread.

The best way to make your Bacon Bowls is to use an upside down Muffin tin and layer your bacon around the Muffin part, where the tray collects all the extra grease that comes off the bacon as it oven cooks.  These are great for appetizers, and perfect for those up coming Super Bowl Parties you are having. Your Bacon bowls will be the hit of the party. If you go in to Bi-Lo and take advantage of the Bacon sales this month , you can do these bowls for pennies on the dollar. You can add anything you want in them, from lettuce and tomatoes as I did, to a fried egg and bread crumbs ( which I plan to try this week) or whatever you think would look and taste good. You will get compliments on them for sure.

Bi-Lo has several sales on Bacon this week, one of my Favorites is the Smithfield bacon which is BOGO this week and, don't forget to use your coupons because they do double Manufactures coupons but check with your local store to see the exact coupon policy, because you can really rack up the savings using manufacturers coupons and competitors coupons at Bi-Lo, which makes it one of my favorite places to grocery Shop.


Now, I am all about making things simple and making things my kids will actually eat and that is healthy, so another thing I tried was taking a muffin pan , mixing up 12 eggs in a bowl with a touch of milk , add egg mixture to each muffin cup about halfway up, then add shredded cheese and crumble some cooked bacon in there and as an added bonus I added a little bit of spinach, salt and pepper and cooked them in the oven for 12 minutes @ 375. They came out looking good and my kids loved them, but I, However, forgot to take a picture because I was in a rush that morning and with 5 of the kids home they were gone in a matter of minutes. I do plan to make more and try different things like maybe adding the bacon to the top like a layer of crust to see how that turns out.

You can do so much with bacon! 

Don't forget to head to Bi-Lo and take advantage of the great in store bacon deals, demo's and more this month and get stocked up on bacon ( It freezes well and can be kept for quiet awhile also) so with the great sales at Bi-Lo ,I would advise stocking up while you can and make some great tasting Bacon treats with all that Bi-Lo Bacon for your Super Bowl Party!

Want more great recipes to use with your Bi-Lo Bacon? Head over to Twitter using hastag #BaconLove or just click on the link I have provided and it will take you straight to all the #BaconLove post where you can find the recent sales, bacon recipes and more!

You can also check them out on Pinterest and follow the destination Bacon Board and find some awesome and simple things to do with Bi-Lo Bacon!

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