Day 1 Challenge : New Year, New You

9:27 AM

Today's day one Challenge ( if not sure how it works read the post below this one)

Do one thing for yourself on the outside , it can be anything from reading a book for a few minutes, putting on makeup, laying around in your PJ's..getting dressed up and going to the store, or something that makes you feel good about yourself on the outside

Do one thing that makes you feel good on the inside such as smile at a stranger who looks like they could use a smile, send a card to a friend  or stranger saying have a great day, say I'm sorry to someone you have been putting off saying it too..just anything that warms your heart.

Post on this post for today's challenge to get an entry for today for what you chose to do and please, let's all play honestly...because at the end of 30 days on top of the weekly prizes we will have one BIG Prize!

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