Dormco..Get ready for a Review & Giveaway!

12:01 PM

Guess what readers? Here in the near future I am going to have a great review and giveaway up for you direct from Dormco....Want to see what items we are going to be reviewing and giving away? Well I am going to show them to you because just from the looks of them I think they are going to be pretty awesome!

The First Item I will be receiving and also have a giveaway for is this awesome Navy Plush Bed Rest

Navy Lux Bedrest - Dorm Bedding BackrestNow, when I do he review and Giveaway, the winner will choose which color they want for themselves, you do not have to go with the Navy, I just loved the luxury look of this one so that is why I chose it.

The second Item Dormco will be sending me to review and also to giveaway is This awesome Plush Rug. I chose the rug in Charcoal grey because it matches what we have planned for a new redecorated bedroom we are doing for one of the older boys. Of Course, if you Win, you can choose any color you want and they have everything from bright Pink to subdued's a win, win situation!

A Dorm Essential - College Plush Rug - Keep Feet Comfortable

I can't wait to get these products and put them to good use, and the best part is that I get to give one of each away to a lucky blog reader! Dormco has some amazing products and I know we are going to be ordering several items from them when Alek goes off to college next year. I have found several things to order now that would be perfect for Dustin in his Barracks as well and plan to give him. In all honesty I may end up sending him this rug if they don't have the heat in his Barracks fixed by then. 

So get ready for this review and giveaway because it's coming soon!

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