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So you have all heard me on my rant about So I wanted to explain in detail what went down and how this all came about and why I have filed complaints against them with the BBB, the FTC and the Attorney General of California.

This company was offering referral credit of $10 per person for each person you got to sign up. I got 9 blog members who signed up and 1 person in my home. I did not expect the credit for the person who signed up in my house. However, they put it in my account. I did not use that $10 credit, expecting it to be removed, as a matter of fact, I only used $38.15 of that credit of $100.

I was super excited, because I felt like I had passed a good deal on to my readers, as well as a good deal for myself to get some new clothing for the Summer. Well, they initially took my order, then later that night here is the email I received:

Cancellation of Twice Order #2945-7021-5434
This purchase has been canceled. Please disregard any shipping-related emails you may have received.
REASON: Improper use of gift codes has been detected. All of your accounts have been placed on hold pending investigation, and for 90 days you may not make any purchases through or affiliates.
If you have any questions, please send a support inquiry to
Now, keep in mind, all credits expire in 90 days according to the Customer Service rep I spoke with in the phone. Who said they took all my credit away for Throttling.  Now, here is my first reply email back to them:
Good Morning,

Once again, I want to clarify about a few things. I had one other person from my household order who lives with me. You are the only company that I know of who only allows one account per household. I understand if you remove the $10 credit from the account my niece made from my credits and remove her $10 credit ( but she deserves her $10 credit for downloading the app for her iPhone) I earned the other $90 credit fair and square by posting my referral link on my blog. I expect this to be honored. You have several very unhappy bloggers right now and I will remove all my post and tweets and not blog about this as long as you reinstate my account with my $90 credit which I earned.
Since then they would not respond nor would they reinstate my credit, and as a matter of fact, they took away orders from several people who are on the blog and signed up under me. 
Yet yet here is the email where it says I have $100 credit which was sent after I responded:

Congratulations! has just made their first purchase, and you've earned $10.00 in store credit. Your credit is good toward all orders from our store, and even covers shipping. Start shopping now!
Your Available Credit:
Invites Accepted:
Invites Pending:
Send Reminders Invite More Friends
How To Use Your Store Credit
It's easy to use your store credit to buy clothing. Here's a quick how-to in three simple steps.
Sign in to your account
Visit your account page to sign in
Add items to your shopping cart
Browse around as usual, and add the items you'd like to your cart
Pay with your account credit!
Check out, and make sure the "Apply to this purchase" checkbox is selected, beneath "My Credit"
If you have any questions or comments, please just reply to this email to let us know! 
So once again, I email them ,with no response. So I called Customer Service, and after explaining calmly the situation, they ask for My email address then when I gave it to them, they hung up on me, this happened 4 more times yesterday.
Now, to be fair, I heard many people got the orders they ordered, some bloggers even capping the $500 limit and getting tons of free stuff, so why I was singled out, I am not sure, but it happened to a few other bloggers like me as well.

So , I then posted on my page, on the Twice Facebook page, and made complaints against them to the BBB, The California Attorney General and the FTC. They removed all my post from their Facebook page and blocked me from commenting on the page. A few of you even commented on their Facebook page and they deleted your comments quickly.

Here is a screen shot of my first post which they deleted:

So, now my credit shows $28.15 and how they came up with that amount I am unsure. I attempted to place another order, going over that $28.15 amount and paid $19.70 from my paypal account. They took the Paypal amount, placed the order and now say they will not honor it, so I have to file a complaint with Paypal to get that money back.

So the conclusion I have come to is this, they did not expect the response they got from the blogging community for the referral credit, and cannot follow through with it because they cannot afford it, so instead of being an upfront business, they have decided to basically say people have done something wrong and refuse to give them the credit they rightfully earned, which I did, as you all know based on the post on Facebook.

Maybe they did not start off intending to do this, but in the end, what they have done is gotten business, solicited from other people for themselves and refuse to honor the commitments. This is against the law, and the wording they now have on the site does not exclude this from being fraudulent advertising.

You guys know, I am straight up, I will tell you if a company is real, if a product sucks or if I loved it, I will try to find you the best deals possible, as will Kelly and Sarah.

So, everything I have put here is the exact truth, I have even shown you the emails, to prove what I am saying. So if you choose to shop at Twice, I say buyer beware, and do not expect any referral credit and never give them your credit card info, use paypal if you must pay anything in case you have to file a dispute with them. 

Personally, I will not shop with this company ever again, I once owned a used clothing consignment shop and I offered referral bonuses and paid them all even if I lost money.  Sure, maybe after 90 days they will "let" me shop again, but I won't be, although many people say they have great clothing, the overall business practice  is what seems to be a scam when using referral credits.

After a bit of research, I found that you can shop the clearance at Macy's using coupons from and cash back from ebates and  find the same clothing, brand new for about half the price of what you are paying on this site for used clothing, they simply try to draw you in by giving you a "free" $10 based on my personal experience, I would say, steer clear!

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