My Update.....

10:16 PM

First, I want to say Thank you to all of you who have been asking about me, caring about my health and in general, just being not only blog readers but friends as well.

SO, I want to catch you all up at once about what is going on with me, for those of you who are new to the blog, In July I had a brain tumor removed, and since then have found several masses on my lungs , I have been fighting the best I can.

Now, today I got some test results back, some of which I don't really understand, but after I write this, I have a lot of research to do.

My health has not been great, but I get up each morning, I try to do things I can and always try to stay positive.

I do have a new tumor on my Spine, it looks like maybe even several tumors, but only one that really stands out, if I can read these reports right. I see the Neurosurgeon on Monday, so I will know more then.  These tumors or lesions, were not seen on any previous bone scans, pet scan, X-rays, etc, so they are all new. I do and have found myself in a lot of pain from the tumor higher up on my T3/T4 spine, and they mentioned some words and procedures that I don't quiet understand but that I will research and ask my Neurosurgeon as well. I still have about 21 masses on my lungs and use Oxygen most nights and breathing treatments daily at home.

Am I giving up? Nope, as a matter a fact, I have decided to move full speed ahead. I have a CT scan tomorrow on my abdomen to see if the pains I have been having there are associated with any tumors.

I plan to go full speed ahead on the blog, and if anything, more so than ever before. Sarah has also began to do reviews so I look forward to those also. I have several new review items in the works that I can't wait to start posting, but until I get these recent prizes mailed out, I won't start any other reviews or giveaways because it's just a given that you finish what you start first. I do however, have good news and that is I hope I have all the prizes ready for mail pickup tomorrow.

I still am planning a wedding, probably early April, and am more than excited about that and God willing, one of the things on my bucket list is to take a cruise with the kids this summer for a few days. We also have hopes to go to all the places we had planned to go last summer, although Chris has said I need to curb my plans for so much travel lol. My kids gave up the entire Summer last Summer with my illness and Dustin at Boot Camp and I would love to do more with them this year away from home, away from thinking about things all the time, Dr. Appointments and such.

I am ready to fight, I am ready to keep blogging and I am ready for all these great companies to start working with us as well!

So Happy Tuesday and just remember, always be a fighter, no matter what you are up against.


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