Neater Feeder : Your Animals will love it and so will you! Plus a Giveaway!

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I don't know about you, but every time I feed my dogs, it makes a mess all around the floor/ground around the bowl. I have to use a huge bowl because Caesar can gulp it all down in just a few minutes if given the opportunity and then I am left with food all over the place as well as spilled water when I refill the bowl for him. 

Neater Feeder takes care of that mess for you. From Big Dogs to Small Dogs, to dogs in between, Neater Feeder has 3 different sizes for Dogs for you to choose from in two different colors. These feeders are so easy to clean especially to remove the excess water, as you can see above, which drains down in to the tray under the Neater Feeder.

Neater Feeder also makes Neater Feeders for Cats as well, so all of you cat owners can take advantage of this nifty little ( or Big) feeder for all of your animals.

I was a bit worried that my dogs would stare at it for awhile before using it because they have been so use to one huge bowl for food and a huge bowl for water. I chose the Large Neater Feeder so that we could do away with those bowls.

It's also something I have gotten compliments on from friends and family who have had a chance to see the bowl and ask where they can find one like it.

Here are a few pictures of my Neater Feeder before I used it and some pictures of my dogs using it as well. You can see how easy it is for them to use and how the food is not all over the ground anymore or water running everywhere that it shouldn't be.

My little dogs, all 3 of my cute little pugs ,  not to be outdone, decided they had to use it too, so it looks like I will be purchasing another Neater Feeder just for them to use, that's a bit smaller so that they can get to it easier. Caesar on the other hand, finds his Neater Feeder fits him just perfectly.

Neater Feeders are perfect for indoors and can save your floors and save you from cleaning up a mess each time, but we have also found they are great for outdoors as well and the less food dropped on the ground means less birds flying around trying to eat the dropped food and laving behind dropping of their own  ( that's one mess that has to have my water hose on strong spray to clean up several times a week and now they don't come around as often because we have less dropped food for them)

Of course, Mugsey seems sad that I didn't get a Neater Feeder just for him, so as I said, I have to remedy that.

How exactly does Neater Feeder work you ask?

The Neater Feeder is designed with protective walls to contain splashes and spills from an inadvertent kick or an excited pet. This revolutionary system holds spilled food in an upper reservoir while spilled water flows down a gentle slope through a patent-pending filtering system.
The spilled water drains into a lower reservoir that can safely contain more than an entire bowl of spilled water, keeping it off the floor until you are ready to dispose of it. Keeping the spilled food in the upper reservoir, off the floor, not only saves you work, but also keeps it clean for reuse.

How would you like a chance to win a Neater Feeder of your choice?  Neater Feeder has graciously offered to give one of my readers a Neater Feader  ( Size and color  choice up to the winner)

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