New Giveaway! $25 Old Navy Gift Card

8:23 PM

So I was sitting here just thinking and truly have so much to say, so get ready for a huge amount of Blog post. However, to make up for it, we are going to do a giveaway , because I love you guys!

Now, before I start this giveaway and all these post, I want to remind everyone that prizes are only sent out every 2 weeks, that includes any e-gift cards and such, unless I get to them earlier. Also, we have had several ( about 4 ) not get their prizes, so every prize will now be mailed with delivery conformation including cards, etc that fit in an envelope, which yes, will cost me more money but this should prevent any more lost prizes. Those prizes that were not received are going out tomorrow, as for other prizes won last week and this week, they will go out on Thursday Jan 16th as planned. It simply is much easier and simple to mail out 20 packages at once than to attempt to get out prizes daily and end up forgetting someone.  I do keep a notebook with every win and every winner's name, if you do not contact me with your address within 7 days, you forfeit that prize and it goes back in to the prize pool for the next giveaway.

Now, don't forget, we still have the 31 prize New Year giveaway going on which can be found under the giveaways tab and also the New Year, New You challenge which I will be giving out prizes for following a long with the challenges.

This giveaway is for a $25 Old Navy gift card ( An actual gift card in my possession which will be mailed with delivery conformation) It will end on Sunday Jan 12th ( Only 5 days to enter and it will go out on Thursday the 16th)

Without further ado......

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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