New rules on Giveaways on the BLog

8:43 PM

I have talked with several other blog owners to find out their protocol on giveaways since we have had so many issues as lately. 

So, in retrospect, We are going to be changing how things work with giveaways.

First, if you enter and win a giveaway, you must remain a blog member until your prize is shipped. If at the time I ship your prize, I check and you are no longer a fan, you forfeit your prize and it will be put back in to the prize pool.

Next, Prizes will be mailed by the sponsors between 4-8 weeks, if they chose to send them out earlier, then that is up to them, but they have ask that I let my readers know to expect a 4-8 week process for prize delivery.

Giveaways run by me on the blog, will now be mailed out monthly, which means if you win a prize in the month of January, they will be mailed the first week of February and so on. If I chose to send them out early , then I will, otherwise, they will be mailed once a month from here on out. If it is a digital prize, they will most likely be sent out the same week, but no guarantees.

All prizes sent by me will now include delivery conformation, once it says delivered, it is out of my hands, I will gladly provide you with conformation of delivery and if y9u did not receive it as the conformation says, you can take the conformation to your local post office to get it worked out and file a claim.

I am not doing this to be mean, or the horrible blog owner, I am doing this to prevent any more confusion as to when prizes are shipped out. I realize I made some mistakes last month and messed up on some prizes and some are very late, and for that I apologize, and I am trying my best to get that fixed and make sure everyone gets what they are due. I admit when I make mistakes and do everything possible to make them right.

I really enjoy my readers and try to treat you with respect and treat you like family. Those of you who participate more obviously have more chances in giveaways because not that I play favorites but because you spend the time to enter the giveaways and complete the entries plus the extra entries, which in essence gives you more entries,but it can only take one entry to win,

My Goal is to gain readers who stick around, not who just want to enter and win a giveaway and leave. This is a blog where we share out daily lives, we help each other out and we encourage our other readers in their everyday lives. This is not just a blog, but a family.


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