New Year, New You?

10:19 PM

Do you ever stop and think and simply ask yourself, Are you Happy with who you are on the inside and the outside? We all think we would want to change something on the outside, personally I can think of many things I would love to change and they are things I can actually attempt to do something about, but what about how you are on the inside?

Do you ever pay someone a compliment just because? Smile at a stranger who looks as if they are having a bad day or pay for the coffee for the person in line in front or behind you? Have you ever given a blanket or coat to a homeless person or someone in need?

I started thinking about this today because my biggest goal for 2014 is simply to get healthier. By getting healthier I don't mean just losing weight, although that is part of it, but I want to be able to take my kids to the park again, walk a few miles if I choose, or in the case right now, I would love to hop on a sled tomorrow and sled down the hill, which is something I cannot do. I want to get back to the person I was before I got sick, and stop letting my illness control who I am on the outside and yes, even the inside.

I no longer find myself doing as much for others as I used too, and Chris no longer lets me take care of the yard like I use too...out of fear?

So, here is my plan for this year.....starting tomorrow, and not calling it a resolution of any kind, simply a goal. I am going to wake up and have my coffee and then find one thing I can do and do it. Each day I will push myself to do one more thing, and even during that time, i want to find a way to make someone smile everyday. I may not always be able to give away a prize each day, or even leave my house, but there are so many ways I can simply make someones day. 

Tomorrow, I am randomly going to go through the phone book, find a name with an address and send them a note card that says have a Happy New Year just because. I am also going to get on my eliptical and do as much as I can.....and while I'm at it...I think I will simply put on something comfy, regardless of how I look and throw my hair up and find time to read a book, make a blog post or just relax and watch T.V.....24 hours in a day, how many things can you change in a day?

I want to make time for myself, while making time for others. I want to save as much money as I can and take a real family vacation, which means entering every contest possible, playing every instant win game, doing every review I can, doing surveys, and write until my heart is content just like I used to do. 

I want to connect with all of you like we used to do, and find out about what's going on in your life, not just tell you about mine. I want to find new recipes, and use my coupons more ( which I cleaned out my binder and threw them all away today and am starting fresh with the 5 inserts in today's paper)

Does this make me feel better about myself on the outside? It will if I follow through. Will it make me a better person on the inside? Of course it will, because I know I can do those things that matter to make someone else smile.

Will I lose those 20 pounds I want to lose before June? Yes, I will because I have determination and will power. Will I take that Family vacation? God willing, yes I will....will I give away lots of prizes and such for my loyal readers who follow along? I certainly will!

So my day 1 challenge which starts tomorrow ( we will start with 30 days) is to do one thing for yourself on the outside and one thing for yourself on the inside....each day you follow along and post on that day's post, you will have an entry in to the weekly drawing and at the end of the 30 days every single person who has followed the New Year, New You Challenge at least 50 % will have a chance at the BIG be determined soon!

So come back Monday Jan 6th, 2014 and read the challenge and tell me how you followed through and you are entered in to this week's drawing.

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