Prize candle.....Great for Valentine's Day and Everyday...a prize in every candle : Plus a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

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Have you ever had a candle that makes you feel like it's Christmas no matter what day it is?

I received my Prize Candle in the mail and my first thought was that I wanted to dig out the prize, and ,don't scowl because I bet that would have been your first thought too.

However, I decided I would wait patiently and see what my prize was when my candle burned down far enough, so I lit up my candle and within minutes, I was amazed at how good it smelled, and not just in the one room, my entire downstairs was smelling good! I was burning my candle every second I was awake and at home, but let me tell you, it burns slow, especially when you know that a prize is in there waiting for you. It was 10 days before I could safely pull out my prize....and my candle was still over halfway to the top ( Okay so we all know I cheated and when the bag was showing I gently waited for the wax to melt a little so I could use tweezers to pull out my prize)  I simply had to know what I got. The instructions for removing your prize from your candle can be found on the Website as well.

Once you have your prize out of the candle, simply view the code on the package and visit Prize Candle to see how much your prize is worth. Your prize is worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000. My prize was worth $25.00 , which was the price of the candle, so all in all, I think I made out fairly well, and even though I was given this candle for review, had I have purchased the candle, It would have been like a free candle.

Now, I didn't get rich off my prize candle, but the ring inside was beautiful and if I would let her Cassie would have it on wearing it day and night, except it's too big for her finger which means either I get to wear it or my niece gets to wear it. Having slim fingers myself, my bet is on my niece haha. 

My Prize Candle was boxed very nicely as to not break and the candle itself is in a gorgeous jar, the smell I received was Provence Lavender and it smells amazing. I am still burning this candle daily and it still has tons of life left in it and I am super impressed because I started a glade candle the same day as the Prize Candle and the Glade candle was gone by the day's end while you could barely tell the Prize Candle had even been used at all.

I love the way they have it set up in the picture on the website, showing you how to make it a centerpiece of your home.

I have always loved candles, but about a year ago I stopped using candles and went to tarts, but now that I have had a prize candle and remember how good they make my whole house smell and not just one room, I know it's time to go back to candles as well.

Prize candles are not as expensive as other candles that are in the same category, they are actually very affordable and make great gifts for any occasion. I plan to buy a few to give as gifts throughout the year and will definitely have them on next year's Christmas List. These are also the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the ladies ( Hint to all of my Men readers)

They have 8 different smells to choose from and I plan to try them all, and once you sign up with your email you get $5.00 off your first purchase, which is a super good deal.

I also have a great Promo Code : Savings10you can use when you place your order, just click on the code and it will take you straight to the site to order today! Now is a great time to place those orders for Valentine's Day and with the Code Savings10 you can get a great deal and it's much cheaper than any other Prize type Candle on the Market!

Take a look above at all the smells they have and the ways they can light up your home in more ways than one.

Order one now, with $5 off  or the 10 % Savings10 Code, or you can even get your first Candle for $14.99 if you join the monthly club! Have it in time for your special Valentine's Day date night or gift. I can't wait to get m second candle, they smell so good. Of course, the prize is an added bonus also and I love the fact that you can get the value of your prize simply by entering the code in on the website once you get your prize out.

Now, want to hear the best part? Prize Candle is offering one of my readers a chance to win a Candle for themselves!

Disclaimer: I received a Candle for review, however, all opinions written are opinions based on my own experience with te product. I was not required to write a review but chose to do so on my own.

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