ABEtheMovie: Feel the Movement, get Compelled to Inspire

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A Billion Entrepreneurs: A Film with World-changing Implications

A Billion Entrepreneurs is an inspiring film about taking responsibility and finding your purpose to reach freedom, security, and success in your life.

We have all had challenges in our life, and at some point have had to take responsibility to reach secutiy and success or maybe some of us are still striving to do so. 

Filmmaker Jimmy Newson has a message for us all. “I want people to understand how invigorating it is to be an entrepreneur,” explains Newson. “I want to plant the seed of entrepreneurship into multiple generations and re-define the word ‘entrepreneurship’ to mean ‘taking responsibility for outcomes in all areas of life.
A Billion Entrepreneurs - The Movie is an inspiring, feature-length documentary film where we follow real-life entrepreneurs, as they leave a trail of impact, inspiration, mentorship, and responsibility in their business and personal lives which has an effect on countless people.  The film includes people like Adrienne, Brian, Fritzi, Ken (and his two beautiful daughters, Katherine and Isabelle), Pam, Rand, and Rick. These fascinating people will take us through a fast-paced education on what it’s like to be entrepreneurs in the real world. The purpose of this film is to inspire viewers, and allow them to understand how accessible and invigorating being an entrepreneur can really be. The goal is for the viewer be a converted fan to the spirit and contagion of entrepreneurship, regardless of their background. One of the film’s objectives is for you - the viewer - to say to yourself after watching the film, “I can do this!

A little bit of the trailer for you to experience and feel what others have felt so far

ABEtheMovie showcases some very compelling stories of enterpuneuers as young as 10 years old who has raised $370,000 to build new water wells in  stricken areas.

You can learn a little more about the movie by heading over to this Site and reading a little more about it.

 “Taking responsibility for outcomes,” which ultimately means taking responsibility for one’s life and current situation. A major catalyst was needed to jump start this movement, and spark people to get inspired to find their purpose in life, with the end result of living happier and more fulfilling lives. Therefore “A Billion Entrepreneurs” the film was created.

Until this was brought to my attention, I was not aware of the movement nor the movie, but after being given the opportunity to see what this movement has done and continues to do, I felt compelled to write about it and encourage you, my readers to read about it, watch the trailers and feel what is in the Heart's of the people in the movie. Just watching the trailing can be a very heart tugging and emotional experience and makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to do.

f you have ever wanted to do something but never followed through maybe just watching this movie will encourage you to join the movement. 

If you find yourself wanting to feel the movement and join in the crowdfunding you have several options, and there are still 38 days left to contribute to the cause. You can find all the information about the funding and what you receive as a contributor HERE. 

To keep in touch about the Movie and the Movement you can Fill out this form HERE to be kept up to date.

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