Brownie Brittle Review

11:07 AM

I received   4 pack sampler of Shelia G's  Brownie Brittle for review. I had tried the original brownie brittle flavor before but I had no idea there were other flavors. I was excited when i package came and could not wait to try all four flavors. My kids were wanting to rip them open as soon as i put them on the table. I decided we would open one that day  and others the next day .Lol that did not happen when  you have sweets fans in the house.

 Chocolate chip was the first open and gone so fast i only got one picture. They look like flat brownie pieces with lots of chocolate chips. They taste like brownies with out all the guilt i could have these and stay with in my points and that made me and  my sweet tooth very happy.  I took the salted caramel and toffee crunch flavored brownie brittle to work to share. Oh boy was that trouble . They all loved it . I have 8 co workers in my room so  i asked them to all  give me their favorite of the 2. Toffee crunch came out the winner unanimously. That is my favorite as well the flavor was so good. and you could really taste the toffee and still with this sweet taste was still able to maintain my points. My next flavor of choice is mint chocolate chip and i did a little bit extra with this flavor. I added it to ice cream oh my was that a yummy treat . Overall this is a great treat for me and my kids with little guilt. I will be getting more for sure.    Check out their website for great recipe ideas as well using brownie brittle cant wait to try some out myself  .
 Sarah    disclosure: although I received a product for review I was not required to write a review and all opinions are based on my own experience.

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