Good Morning How do you do ?

9:26 AM

Sometimes I sit here and ponder on things to write, do I write this, should I write that, will anyone care if I write about that one? 

So why do I blog? I blog because 3 years ago it became a passion. I have always loved to write, loved interacting with others and being in touch with the public and getting to know people. I get ask many time why I do not join larger giveaways so I can grow my fan base, and I will happily answer that.

I do not want my fan base to be just about Giveaways. If my fan base stays where it is, that's okay with me, because I love that I can recognize names, faces and get to know most of you on here. I like that I can share my life with you and hear about your lie. I love to do giveaways for you all and that is why I do so many of them, even if it takes me awhile to get all the prizes out.

I don't consider you all "fans" I consider you friends and that is what I like so much about my fan page and blog. I would love to have the big numbers that some blogs have , sure, what blog wouldn't , but I refuse to gain fans by joining big giveaways where you have to like 50 different pages and 50 different Twitter/Pinterest pages just to enter. I think it's okay if you have five, maybe even 10, but for me, that's usually the limit unless I am part of a huge giveaway that I think you guys would love, such as the luxury linens giveaways we do each month. I do those because I truly think the products from Exceptional Sheets are amazing and I want you guys to have the chance to win some as well.

I do have a few great giveaways and reviews coming up this week that I need to get posted. I am behind by about a week because of my procedure last week, but plan to get busy and get them up for you. I think you are going to enjoy the Giveaway from Dormco. , I have two prizes they are giving away and both products are awesome, at least I think they are. 

Also, I guess you all have heard, i am going to BlogHer in July in San Jose, California. This has been on my dream list, bucket list, to-do list since I first started blogging and to be given this opportunity to go by such a wonderful sponsor, I am still in shock that I am BlogHer! I can already imagine all the great things I am going to learn, the things I can bring back and share with you all and pictures...lots of pictures. I really hope to finally get to meet a few fellow bloggers I have always wanted to meet. Once I am given the go ahead, I will tell you guys who this wonderful Author is who sponsored me to go to BlogHer and hopefully she will allow me to share what she wrote to me about sponsoring me.

Another great thing happening in my life is that i am getting married. I know I keep changing the date, but right now, my family would love it if I would wait until May 24th when we have our Annual family reunion and get married in my home town. Myself, i had projected April 5th. So it looks like I may wait to get married in May but have my honeymoon trip to Atlantic City that I won ( except for travel expenses) in April or maybe go the weekend of March 28th, which is my Birthday and make it a Birthday trip, because we have a family Vacation planned for June with 5 of the kids which includes Dustin because he put in for leave and My Mom plans to join us as well.Then I have BlogHer in July. 

I know I can't be the only one out there that is simply overwhelmed most of the time yet still keep adding stuff to her plate. Chris is forever getting upset with me saying I don't get enough rest, I try to do too much and I don't take care of myself. He has made it his mission to get me eating healthier, exercising as much as I can, hoping that all that will magically make me better. I don't know about magic, but as determined as I am, I can't see this keeping me down much longer. I am ready to go, go , go !

So, let's hear it. what is on your bucket list/to-do list. what products would you like to see me write about. what are some topics you would love to hear about? I have been writing down my ideas in a notebook and promised myself that I would start writing no less than 4 post per week that were not giveaways. Would you guys read them? Would you care?

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