The 10 worst Cities to visit, really?

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 next let s look at a map of the united states

I recently read an article about the U.S. Ten worst Cities to visit . I was pretty spot on in my thoughts about some of them, but on the other hand, I was sitting here with a dumbfounded look on my face. So before we go more in to detail, let's list these 10 cities.

1.) Detroit, Michigan
2.)St. Louis, Missouri
3.) Reno, Nevada
4.) Cleveland, Ohio
5.)Chicago, Illinois
6.) Camden,. New Jersey
7.) Memphis, Tennessee
8.) New Haven, Connecticut
9.) Stockton, California
10.) Oakland, California

Reading through the list of cities and the explanation for why each city was not a good place to visit. My feelings were that the people who took the time to make this list, looked basically at crime rates, which can play a major factor, but what they did not look at was what each city had to offer. Detroit for example, we hear horror stories everyday about the crime there, I have been there a few times myself and of course have watched the show Hardcore Pawn, based in Detroit. What the article failed to mention was the history that Detroit had to offer, so even if it is a horrible city to visit, if I were driving close enough by, I would still take and travel that road to give myself and/or my children a history lesson.

Going all through the list, the reasons all came back to the crime rate in those cities. I did not see anything where it said what each city was famous for, if they had even been a popular city to visit or what caused their demise to become one of the worst U.S. Cities to visit. 

Reno, Nevada is known as "The biggest little City " in the U.S. because of it's Casino's., and maybe you have a fascination or a desire o visit all of the Casino's, so therefore, it' becomes a city you want to visit. What is deemed a bad city to visit by one person may be another person's favorite place, so how can we make a list with the worst places to visit. 

Take Memphis, being from Tennessee and having been to Memphis, I agree it's high on Crime, but if you are an Elvis fan, you are going to want to visit Memphis, or if you love BBQ, Memphis is the place of some of the World's most famous BBQ. How about Singing the Blue's?

My point is, how can anyone say a city is the worst to visit, they can say , I visited Oakland, California, and I hated it and would never go back again and list the reasons, but to simply say it is one of the 10 worst cities, well, I really can't imagine any city being a bad place to visit because no matter where you are, each city has something to offer, even if it's Old grandpa Joe who sits in front of the hardware store always willing to tell you a story about something that happened in his town back before crime took over. Every city has crime, some more than others, but everyone should base your decisions not on what you read but on what you experience for yourself if you chose to visit that city. Many of the cities listed above have also become poor cities over the years.

Personally, I could make my own 10 worst cities to visit list, but it may not contain any of the cities listed above , and each city would be for a different reason, such as Detroit, it may not make my number one spot for sure, and  I may or may not put it on my list, not because of the crime, but because personally, I found the city to be a dirty place. However, at the same time, I found little bits of history there about cars and other stuff, and I love history, so maybe I would overlook the dirtiness and focus on the History. Every City has a certain section of town you just want to stay out of, so in that case, do your homework before you visit, if you are in any groups on Facebook, ask around for people who live in the area or know the area for what parts of the area to stay clear of.

My point is, we could all have a list of the 10 worst cities to visit and I bet if I took 25 of those list, I would find each one greatly differs from the other, if they used their own experience and not listened to what someone has written about how bad a City is. So, let's experiment, pretend you never read the list above, tell me what the 10 worst cities in your experience would be, no need for explanation unless you care to give one, then I will compile the data and see what we come up with as normal everyday people. 

Keep in mind, my next part of this series is the 10 best U.S. Cities to visit, so use your own mind when writing your 10 worst cities to visit  down, don't Google it or ask your husband or wife or best friend's sister's mother's cousin, just use your honest opinions.

Let's hear it......

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